Here is the new Kahoot board

Here is the new Kahoot board


There are several impressive resumes on Kahoot's new board of directors, which was finalized this week.

Here is the new board in Kahoot.

Over the past year, Shifter has written several stories about Kahoot's acquisition and public offering, which officially completed in January 2024.

Yesterday, the company announced new board members. And from a quick glance at their resumes, it doesn't seem like they're any small fish given a place around the table. The new chairman, Gavin Patterson, was, among other things, a former CEO of British telecoms company BT Group.

Of the eleven board members, only four remain from the old board. This applies to Alexander Remmen and Charlotte Christiansen, both employee representatives, Andreas Hansson, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors until the company was acquired, and Chris Culkin.

Investor on CEO changes in startups: – Underestimates the value of having an entrepreneur at the top for a long time

The overview below of the all-new board is taken from the Kahoot website:

Gavin Patterson (new) – Chairman, former President and Chief Revenue Officer of Salesforce and CEO of BT Group

Joe Belfiore (new) – Vice Chairman, former CEO of Microsoft, and most recently Executive Vice President and President of the Office Products Group

Stacey Childress (NEW) – Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company, and former CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund

Ashley Andersen Zantop (new) – Chairman and CEO of Cambium Education Group, former educator and long-time education technology executive

Stine Hala (new) – Senior Vice President of Finance at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces

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Michael Brun (new) – Global Co-Head of Private Equity, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Nana Poli (new) – Operating Consultant, Asset Management at Goldman Sachs and Board Specialist, former CEO of Microsoft Denmark and Iceland

Chris Culkin – Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, General Atlantic

Andreas Hansson – Board Specialist and Director at AutoStore, former Chairman of the Board at Kahoot!

Charlotte Christiansen – Staff Representative, Kahoot!

Alexander Remmen – Staff Representative, Kahoot!

On the website, Kahoot CEO Eilert Hanoa wrote the following about the new board:

– I am thrilled to welcome Gavin and the new Board of Directors to Kahoot. The extensive knowledge and leadership experience this board will bring adds tremendous value to the organization.

– As a privately held company, under strong ownership and under the guidance of a new Board of Directors, we are better positioned than ever to accelerate our strategy to create more value for all users, through engaging digital learning. The global need for lifelong learning continues to grow, and I am extremely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for Kahoot and our users and partners around the world.

Now Kahoot is ready to be removed

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