Henrik Asheim has the gift of bravery – Daxavisen

Henrik Asheim has the gift of bravery – Daxavisen

Right-wing vice-president Henrik Asheim is trying to cash in on the workers' international day of protest. “More people should have taken the May 1 train” was the headline Chronicle of Henrik Asheim on E24, published in Morgenkvisten on May 1. The right-wing vice-president stressed that working life in Norway is largely safe and orderly. “But on Labor Day, a record number are still completely out of work,” he points out.

“In a day when work and workers' rights are in the spotlight, the most important thing to me is that more people have the opportunity to enjoy working life,” Asheim says. He points out that registration numbers don't work. More than 600,000 people. And the number is increasing. According to Ashim, the increase in young disabled people is particularly worrying.

There is no room for right-wing slogans.

So far, so good, and most people can agree with Asheim's explanation. But Asheim was not satisfied with the facts. He engages in discussions with Prime Minister Jonas Kar Stor, who boasts that 150,000 more Norwegians have found work during his time in power. The other side of the coin is that there are more people with disabilities in this country. Here, Heyer's leadership needs to keep its mouth shut, as the Arrows have been on the upswing even during Erna Solberg's tenure. The number of young adults with disabilities doubled on her watch.

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Henrik Asheim says that the Storr government only talks about the line of work, while it was a game to close the doors to working life. He regrets that the government has tightened access to temporary employment. From such working conditions, according to Ashim, there is a path to permanent employment for many. The government thinks the opposite and prefers permanent posts, completely in line with the message of many slogans on May 1 trains during eight years of capitalist government. And this is just one example of a crash course.

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The right is short and on a collision course with May 1 trains. I share the wish that more people would have taken the May 1 train this year, but there is no place for right-wing sloganeering here. Asheim has a gift of audacity when he tries to give the impression of something else. Asheim & Co. 364 other days of the year you can take the train and proclaim your conservative politics.

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Conservative leader Erna Solberg wrote on her blog last year as an example, “I grew up in a family where we always flew the flag on May 1, and I still think that day is appropriate to mark.” In this regard, it is worth noting that Frp leader Sylvi Listhaug answered no when asked if she had flown the flag on May 1 this year.

On the other hand, Listhaug used the opportunity to speak in Drammen with a clear attack on the current government. It is also worth mentioning that the Youth Leader of the Munnetra Party Simen Welle will remove May 1st as a public holiday. If he has his way, fewer people will travel by train on International Labor Day. Here, Henrik Asheim will have a challenge in his own camp.

An important note is the value of an organized work life when May 1 is marked. A success factor of the Norwegian social model is the high level of organization between both employees and employers. A good tool here is the tax deduction for union dues, which has been doubled under the current government. Strong opposition to Conservative Party, FRP and Liberal Party.

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It is pertinent to recall that Erna Solberg's government spoke in two tongues on this issue. On the one hand, the policy “facilitates an organized working life and well-functioning tripartite cooperation”. On the other hand, it was said that “the government recognizes that many workers are unorganized”. The latter is that if there are enough unorganized people, organized work life will wither away.

A job is the first job for everyone. The more people who support such a policy, the better. But it is a misunderstanding to think that there is only one way. The costs are as varied as the results. May 1 Trains set a course of strengthening unity and solidarity. The right follows a different course. It is very simple. Henrik Asheim goes under a false flag.

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