Here you will find the cheapest southern tours now

Here you will find the cheapest southern tours now

The never-ending question: When is the best time to buy plane tickets to the south?

If the answer is that being smart is the same as being cheap, then there's not much time to waste. Anyway, if you're thinking of a southern vacation this side of the summer.

As of April 25, Venice has imposed an entrance fee for day tourists in the city. Video: Nora Buckton
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Because in May you will find the most and cheapest flights to the south.


  • May is the best month to find the cheapest flights to the south.
  • Tours offer more security in the event of cancellation, but may be more expensive.
  • Charter airlines often sell available airline tickets at affordable prices.
  • It is important to check the accommodation before booking flights.
  • The most popular destinations in May are Cyprus, Mallorca, Crete and Rhodes.
  • The cheapest round-trip air tickets cost less than 1,000 NOK.
  • The cheapest charter flight is from Oslo to Alanya, Turkey, with a week's stay in a 3-star hotel for NOK 2,495 per person.

Many people like the security of purchasing an airline ticket and a hotel stay at the same time. A holiday package gives you extra security in case your trip is cancelled. Then you can also get a refund for the hotel.

Pack the trip yourself

Tourist warns: – The debate must be taken

If you plan to package the trip yourself, by purchasing separate plane tickets and separate hotels, it would be smart to make sure the hotel stay is refundable. The same applies to plane tickets. But then you have to expect the price to go up a little. So you're paying for a little extra freedom. For many, it is worth the money.

Remember, it is also considered an all-inclusive holiday if you book and pay for a flight and a rental car in the same process.

Here you will get burned

Here you will get burned

Search for plane tickets

Many people don't realize that charter airlines sell free airfare without having to purchase a hotel. These airline tickets are often very affordable, but remember to make sure you have a hotel or other accommodation before committing to booking a flight ticket.

The price of a round trip for a week

Departure from

Travel destination

Departure Date



Gardermoen Cyprus May 10 895 NOK wing
Gardermoen Skiathos, May 14 Greece 895 NOK wing
Gardermoen Palma, Mallorca May 18 1645 Norwegian krone wing
Bergen Rhodes, Greece May 14 Nok 1945 wing
Gardermoen Palma, Mallorca May 11 Nok 978 Toy
Gardermoen Las Palmas, Canary Islands May 15 2442 Norwegian krone Norwegian
Torp Alicante, Spain May 14 1630 NOK Ryanair
Torp Palma, Mallorca May 20 1,660 Norwegian krone Ryanair

It is foolish, for those who want a cheap holiday, to buy cheap flights and then end up with an expensive luxury hotel as the only option.

Package tours

May is the big start month for the biggest tour operators. This year's travel map is set with flights to most of the season's destinations over the next few weeks.

– During the month of May, we have launched all our summer charter destinations, and there is a wide range of different holidays. There are some departure airports where tickets are sold out in May, such as Alesund, Bodø, Evenes, Kristiansand and Tromsø. But if you fly from Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim or Oslo, there are still some flights left, says Marie-Anne Zachrisson, president of Ving Norge.

She continues:

– Most trips are to Cyprus, Mallorca, Crete and Rhodes in May. Then there are some smaller destinations that have almost full departures.

Charter trip 1 week per person


Travel destination

Departure Date


Tour guides

Gardermoen Antalya, Türkiye May 11 2495 NOK wing
Gardermoen Sunny Beach, Bulgaria May 11 2544 Norwegian krone a ticket
Stavanger Alcudia, Spain May 11 3647 NOK Toy
Bergen Antalya May 15 3684 NOK Toy
Gardermoen Cala Bona, Spain May 28 3791 NOK Toy
Gardermoen Corfu, Greece May 18 2998 NOK Apollo
Gardermoen Kos, Greece May 24 2998 NOK Apollo

The cheapest way is to fly on May 11 from Oslo Gardermoen to Alanya in Türkiye. Currently, a week's stay in a 3-suite hotel costs NOK 2,495 per person.

I would love to hear from you

Hello, my name is Odd Roar Lange and I am a travel expert and journalist for DinSide and Dagbladet. Do you have a holiday travel tip in May and want to tell your story on Norway's largest consumer website Or do you have an experience, question or clever suggestion that others should hear about?

– Most prices range from 4 to 5000 NOK per person for a week in the sun and heat. If you want to make a very good purchase, you can find hotels of a high standard at a discount. But now that we've sold out more than 90 percent of all May trips, the choice of hotels is much narrower, Zachrisson says.

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