– He’s so talented – VG

Important piece: Martin Odegaard has become one of the most important players for coach Mikel Arteta at Arsenal.

Martin Odegaard, 23, has made a powerful contribution to Arsenal’s perfect start to the season. Now he’s receiving praise and being referred to as “the heart of Arsenal’s transformation”.


Ødegaard has had a great start to this year’s Premier League season, taking home the title of best on the pitch 2-1 win over Fulham on Saturday.

Telegraph football writer Sam Dean describes the Arsenal captain as crucial to the team.

“Ødegaard is the heart of Arsenal’s transformation – a captain who stands out as a good example. His performance on Saturday was another reminder of his season. When he reaches his peak, no other player comes close to Arsenal in terms of influence, technique, insight and skill.” Dean wrote.

On English radio, Ødegaard is now being compared to Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne. Former Chelsea player Tony Cacarino was praised after Odegaard’s performance against Fulham on Saturday.

– One player stood out in that match. Ødegaard is very similar to De Bruyne in the way the ball is centered and handled, Cascarino says on talkSPORT radio.

Cascarino has praised Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta for getting Odegaard at his best.

At first, Arteta hired him at the club. Ødegaard never sent back, but it made him one of his most trusted players. The TV and radio profile enthusiastically says that he is very talented.

This is how Martin Odegaard, Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandez have performed so far:

National team manager Ståle Solbakken believes Ødegaard’s performance has risen in the past period.

“Okay,” Solbakken told VG in the first two games he played without making the final part, but in the previous games now he’s been pretty good.

After last year’s season in an Arsenal shirt, the 23-year-old ended up with seven netballs in total. In four games now, Ødegaard has scored three goals.

Captain Satisfied: Ståle Solbakken was impressed by what Martin Ødegaard and Arsenal achieved at the start of the season in the Premier League.

However, the national team coach sees no clear signs that Ødegaard has made any concrete changes to his game.

He got a central role in a team that is doing better and better. And then it also becomes easier to work as a solo player, he says.

Arsenal leads the Premier League with a full score in the first four matches.

Martin played a pivotal role at Arsenal for some time, and he also did well in the national team last season. As long as he is healthy and fast, everything indicates that he will continue, as Solbakken predicts.

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Viaplay’s football expert, Sigrid Heien Hansen, also allowed himself to be thrilled with last month’s hilarious drama.

– What we see of him now is class. It has only grown more and more since the series opened against Crystal Palace. His performances and goals against Bournemouth appear to have been compensatory, and he is performing at a high level in an in-form Arsenal side, says Hein Hansen.

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Solbakken believes that the captain of the national team will become wiser and better in the future, while Heien Hansen still sees the in-form player as having potential for improvement in many areas.

– Often in shooting around the 16m mark, now he’s responded to charges after opening the series in the past few matches. But he must maintain being right in front of goal, and get better results for the chances he creates and owns, concludes the Viaplay expert.

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