High winds on mountain passes – Many people waited all night – NRK Westland

High winds on mountain passes – Many people waited all night – NRK Westland

– When I came out of the Haukeli Tunnel heading west, I saw almost nothing. Eli Lunde says it's very windy and slippery.

He was one of those who drove in column on the E134 Haukelifjell on Wednesday, but waited until the weather calmed down to head home to Haugesund.

– Talked a little with the crew there early this morning. They had never experienced such crazy weather as last night.

– There were many cars with small children without petrol or electricity. So there was great confusion.

Eli Lunde and his family have a cabin in Vågslid and did not travel up the mountain until Wednesday morning. They waited in line for about an hour.

Photo: Tale Hauso / NRK

Rev. 7 above Hartangervitae is still closed to cars, and there is a convoy on the E134 Haukelifjell. Fv50 Hol-Aurland was reopened after convoy driving earlier.

According to the Swedish Transport Agency, overnight into Wednesday, it was also closed in Haugeli, and many cars were standing still until the morning.

He took the awakened with him into the tunnel

Monitoring leader Olav Stana worked last night at the tillage station in Haugelifjell.

– At around 5 o'clock I took the people who were stuck awake in Thairveli to the waiting room at Howkeli tunnel. There is a toilet, and a food pantry for those who need it.

It is at Haugelithunelan that the column begins to head east.

The first column was running at 07.20 hrs. It is expected to continue through Wednesday and possibly into Thursday night.

Ostmannalia in Haukeli

Einar Christensen took this photo from Ostmannalia on Wednesday morning. He had to wait about an hour before he was allowed to join the column above Haukeli.

Photo: Einar Christensen

According to Stana, motorists will have to wait up to two hours.

– 40 cars are waiting at Haukelitunnelen. So there are still many people who want to cross the mountain, Stana tells NRK around 10 o'clock.

All those who did not arrive before the road was closed on Tuesday evening got off the guard.


Do you have a picture or video or are you waiting for a column? And then I want to ask you.

They waited in line for more than six hours

As of 1.30 pm, the updated status of the mountain passes is as follows:

  • Rv7 Hardangervidda: The mountain opens to convoy driving for vehicles weighing 7.5 tonnes at 2pm. The road is still closed to cars.
  • E134 Haukelifjell: Column driver.
  • Fv50 Hol – Aurland: Re-open after convoy driving earlier Wednesday.

Ida Kallevik and her family waited for more than six hours on Tuesday afternoon and evening for a convoy to come to Haukeli.

They queued at Vågslid from 3pm to 9pm. They were home in Haugesund after 00.30. The trip from Drammen took just over 15 hours in total.

– But it went well, I got good information from the tillers who were there, she says.

Line Haugelifjell towards Bergen

There was a long queue on Haukelifjell on Tuesday evening. People waited for hours.

Photo: Aline Svestad Raunehaug / Private

Ask people to bring food and check the towing hook

On New Year's Day alone, 5,000 cars crossed Haukelifjell on the E134, and it took a long time for the columns to catch up due to bad weather.

Also, the road had to be completely closed last night, says Stana.

– Dump truck drivers don't see anything. It's not safe to take drivers with you when you don't even look at the windshield wipers once.

– Some people say the weather is so good it can't be bad enough that we have to close. What is it like to actually be here?

Olav Stana

Olav Stana is a watchman at Haugelifjell plowing station.

Photo: Tale Hauso / NRK

– It was very windy. On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, it rained heavily here too. Then it becomes primarily vision very bad.

He gave the following encouragement to people going up the mountain:

– Remember to bring enough food and clothing, a full tank and a fully charged car. Check where the tow hook is on your car.

– Feel free to carry him in the car, you can screw him before joining the column.

Snow, wind and heavy snowfall create particularly big problems in southern Norway. The National Roads Administration and the police are asking people in Akhtar to get out of their cars.

Train departures between Oslo and Kristiansand have also been cancelled.

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