Deputy Chairman of MDG will abolish wealth tax

Deputy Chairman of MDG will abolish wealth tax

– As head of the planning committee, I propose that we get a more ambitious and clear tax policy, which increases the compatibility of Norwegian business. This includes abolishing the wealth tax, says Ingrid Leland (MDG). Today's business.

I don't think wealth tax will work like it does today

– Founders and start-ups that don't make money, but create critical technology for the future economy, are unfairly affected. Small and medium-sized businesses are taxed unfairly compared to foreign owners, Leland says.

He says this is a real change for his party, which has so far been in favor of wealth tax.

Surprise and concern

SV's Kari Elizabeth Caskey, on the other hand, believes that scrapping the wealth tax at a time of growing disparities in power and wealth would turn the country's super-rich into zero-tax payers.

– I am frankly surprised and concerned that the MDG would make such a tax change even more than the Conservatives. We won't solve the climate crisis by letting disparities grow even larger, quite the opposite, says Caskey.

Does not hang on the grip

He says MDG and Leland's arguments against wealth tax do not hold up.

– SV Norway wants to facilitate the green restructuring of business and growth companies and scale-ups. He says that cutting wealth tax is highly untargeted and has huge negative consequences.

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