Sending Bergenzaren food waste to Denmark – NRK Westland

Sending Bergenzaren food waste to Denmark - NRK Westland

7 out of 10 Norwegians were able to sort their food waste over the years.

But not the residents of Bergen. So far, their food waste has been incinerated along with the rest of the city’s incinerator.

Now the Bergen people have finally got the privilege, but instead of being burned in the same city, food waste will be shipped to Denmark by sea.

Burnt food: Until now, food waste in Bergen would have been added to the incinerator along with the rest of the waste.

Photo: Leif Rune Løland / NRK

Fanaposten He mentioned this first.

– Useful for Denmark

Since the Bergen area does not have its own facilities for recycling food waste, it must first be sent to a biogas plant in a neighboring country.

– That’s what I was able to achieve now. Borghild Lekve, CEO of the BOB, says it takes a year or two to get a biogas plant in our area, which is responsible for waste in Bergen and six nearby municipalities.

There are plans to build a biogas plant in Voss, an hour and a half drive from Bergen.

– It will take some time to establish, but food waste will become useful energy and bio-fertilizer in Denmark.

Forgild legway

Has big plans: BOB CEO Borobild Lekve says the plan to send food waste to Denmark is interim until a better solution comes to the table.

Photo: Silje Talberg

– Absolutely crazy

Charlotte Sparkland, in Bergen Hogre, was not impressed by the new offer to the Bergen people.

– Sending our food waste to Denmark is completely crazy. It looks completely backwards.

Nonetheless, she thinks it would be nice to have people finally sorted out the food waste.

– Let’s see how it goes before deciding on the North and Down project, but he says I was not impressed.

Charlotte Sparkland (H)

Not impressed: Charlotte Sparkland is the division head of the Conservatives on the Environment and Urban Development Committee. She was not impressed by the plan of wasting fresh food.

Photo: Silje Rognsvåg / NRK

Impatient Bergen residents

City Development Agency Councilor Thor-Hagone Buckeye (MDG) was not too enthusiastic about what the BOB had achieved.

– The municipality has been demanding for a long time to collect food waste. No. Had to BOB Start it.

He points out that about 70 percent of Norwegian households already have the right to sort and distribute their food waste.

– The people of Bergen have been waiting impatiently for this for a long time. Biogas production and composting of food waste is a good climate and environmental policy.

– But how climate-friendly is it to transport food waste from Bergen to Denmark?

– The BOB must respond to that, says Buckeye.

– Environmental accounts will be better: We get more from food waste than ever before, Lekwe responds.

Thor Haakon Bakke (MDG), City Councilor for Environment, Climate and Urban Development in Bergen

A better solution: City Councilor Packe considers it time to get a plan for wasting Bergen food, and hopes a better solution will be found soon.

Photo: Norheim Johansson too

Paper bags and containers

Before the Bergen food waste can be converted into Danish biogas, it must be collected and dumped in containers around the Bergen.

The Bergen people have to take care of the molds themselves, at least until their own food waste bins are ready in the spring.

At home in the kitchen, waste should be collected in paper bags placed in an airtight plastic container provided by the BOB.

John Got Givinge on BOB Transport

Beware of Moisture: John Godwing, of BIR Transport, advises customers to be careful with wet food waste in paper bags.

Photo: Cato H. Christensen / NRK

– John Gaute Kvinge, daily chairman of BIR Transport AS, says all food waste is desirable. Still, he advises not to put wet food waste in the paper bags they tear.

Borghild Lekve, CEO of BOB, is still clear on the council:

– Throw away less food. In any case it is the best and most eco-friendly alternative.

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