Highasakite album review – «Mother»: Treating a mother – VG

Highasakite album review - «Mother»: Treating a mother - VG
The beginning of the treatment: If you don’t listen enough to “Mother”, Ingrid Havík and Trond Pirso will stare at you. In addition, gold dust comes in.

Swelling with joyful musicality. But not always out of musical joy.


Album: Pop
up to a kite

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The only couple in the entire universe out there Both The members have a history of a tuba-based band. Fresher than it has been in a very long time.

“We desperately need a new direction,” they already announced in the third song. Then you can choose if you want to interpret it literally, politically, or as another eccentric text from Ingrid Håvik.

After listening to “Mother”, the fifth album isn’t really exciting or political, but quite conceptual for one of the most successful Norwegian bands of the past decade, it’s anyway Comprehensive understanding of one’s endurance.

The undersigned believe that the former “uranium core” is just a sign of a severe recession. Then primarily in the rhythm of the song. This is the challenge with “Mother” as well.

But it’s a considerably smoother version.

Especially in the sense that the songs sound more inclusive. Instead of slow meditative moments. Trond Birsu brings deeper synths, wider vocals, choppy and faltering rhythms linked together by Ingrid Havík’s unique vocals.

Below are also many of her funny texts. Or at least the subtle little novels. Morten Abel thought in September when the level. Puns play stories in different stings.

It all culminates in a powerful, delirium-like escalation that is an almost eternal “autopsy.” A monotonous and groovy instrumental climax, which it fits better than the sudden second track in the fall single.

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Which is also the odd thing about the album. If you want to be a little quirky – and you can be – your ‘Mother’ half has already been fired.

Besides the vocoder Laurie Anderson’s experience “Under the Same Sky,” there’s barely 20 minutes of new music here, out of 45 in total. Then the 25 previously, that is, the next 10 minutes, include the “autopsy”.

Team is cowardly this way. But in this way, the sequence of songs and the internal dynamics become more interesting than the songs themselves.

The new “Can I Go Home” – and the closing – is bursting with the warmth of an inquisitive heart, and it’s the loudest and most wonderful song you’ll hear all spring. It’s not just referring to the first song “I Just Moved Here”. But is it more or less hip related to “Lover, Where Do You Live?” , the opening track from “Silent treatment” (2014.

Such a comprehensive understanding of their own project There are a few other bands that have mastered. Musically “mother” is one of the most beginning and lasting principles of Highasakite’s heads and hands ever.

Now it only lacks songs that a mother (and father) songs can love.

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