Nicolas Cage goes “all in” as Dracula:

Nicolas Cage goes “all in” as Dracula:

Actor Nicolas Cage (59) became famous through blockbusters like “Leaving Las Vegas” and “Gone in 60 Seconds.”

Reveals the baby’s name before birth

The 59-year-old plays the role of Dracula in the movie ‘Renfield’. The horror comedy premieres next week.

Now, the film’s makeup artist, Christian Tinsley, 48, reveals that Cage has gone “all over” in the vampire role.

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– Important

During the filming of the film, Cage spent up to three hours each day transforming into the iconic vampire Dracula.

- Is this a joke?

– Is this a joke?

Despite Cage’s considerable time in the makeup chair, makeup artist Tinsley’s biggest challenge was creating Dracula’s famous fangs.

In a new interview with diverse Tinsley explains that they used a 3D printer to make the fangs. Cage’s teeth were scanned and then digitally sculpted.

Vampire: Nicolas Cage as Dracula in

Vampire: Nicolas Cage as Dracula in Renfield. Image: Universal
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When creating the design, it was important to consider how Dracula’s teeth would protrude from his gums. Tinsley also says that the director, Chris McKay, 49, wanted all the teeth to be pointed — not just the canines.

The field after the treatment of a disputed tooth

The field after the treatment of a disputed tooth

Once the dental print was done, there was only one thing to do:

– We knocked out Nick’s teeth and the protests came out afterward, revealing the 48-year-old, and he adds:

Nick wanted to be able to express himself properly, so it was important that the sides of the shell were thin.

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– do not remember

Recently, McKay revealed that Cage 100 percent landed the role — even after they stopped filming.

He claimed that if Dracula was going to act unfriendly and dismissive in a scene, Cage carried that attitude into the intermission.

Violation of doctors advice

Violation of doctors advice

Reverse Hollywood Reporter Cage dismissed the director’s claims.

– I don’t remember it like that, I don’t know why Chris said it. I laughed a lot between takes with both Chris McKay and Nick Holt, but maybe he felt that way because I still had my fangs in my mouth, which made me talk a certain way. But this was not my experience.

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