Hope, Holmenkollen | Holmenkoll Sunday removed from the calendar: – Completely incomprehensible

Hope, Holmenkollen |  Holmenkoll Sunday removed from the calendar: – Completely incomprehensible

A jumping show has been organized on Holmenkollsøndagen almost every year since 1892.

Now the tradition can end.

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has chosen to place the World Cup race in Holmenkollen on Thursday as the starting point for next season's schedule.

This causes former NRK commentator Arne Schiee to react.

– Ah, he comes quickly from Shi when he is delivered the news.

– In any case, the tradition is broken forever. That's not good. The Islamic Salvation Front can do whatever it wants, and I can't do anything about it, but I can't say it's a decision we support, Xi continues in Netavisen.

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– Completely incomprehensible

The calendar will finally be approved by the FIS board in May, but for now Vikersund can continue to organize races on Saturday and Sunday, while Holmenkollen must be content with one race on Thursday.

– A ski trip in Vikersund is a must, but in 2025 it should be possible to get to both Holmenkollen and Vikersund on Sundays. I realize that the World Ski Championships in Trondheim are a challenge and there aren't many Sundays to choose from, but the Holmenkoll race dating back to 1892 is a Sunday race – and we're done with it. It's completely incomprehensible, Shi says.

– Holmenkollrennet, despite a slight decline in recent years, has always been one of the events for Norwegians in the world of sport, as the previous NRK profile shows.

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Acting Head of Jumping, Stal Filomstad, was present during the FIS meetings in Prague this weekend, where the schedule was presented.

He points out that due to the World Championships in Trondheim, there are limited dates available for racing here in Norway next season.

-There are advantages and disadvantages to this. The advantage is that there will be a better time on the ground, and there is a lot happening there this weekend. It will be interesting to see the difference from Holmenkollsøndagen, but we hope someone will also watch our sport on Thursday, says Nettavisen's sporting director.

He also adds that racing is not like that RemovalBut that's the way it is he moved Until Thursday, because the Raw Air final is required in Vikersund.

When it comes to moving forward, as for the traditional Sunday in Holmenkollen, Filomstad says the calendar is clarified annually and that no decision has been made about the future yet.

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Granerud: – Sunday hangs high

National team player Halvor Aegner Granerud heard that the race in Holmenkollen had been moved.

I was left with mixed feelings.

– I saw a draft of the calendar meeting, it makes sense, when it was only two weeks and Trondheim and I saw the raw air after that, says Halvor Aegner Granerud to Netafsen.

Although he realizes that the race has been moved, he points out that tradition is lost with him.

– After Garmisch-Partenkirchen, this is our most traditional race. Granerud says this Sunday is hanging high.

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Peter Tunstad, Viaplay's jump commentator, also understands that FIS wants to try something new with Holmenkollen.

– When you see how the number of spectators in Holmenkollen has developed after the World Ski Championships in 2011, I think it is absolutely right to try something new. Now it will be one date and one evening. I think it is much easier to grow as a hop party. History has also shown this with the spring races in Lillehammer and Trondheim over the past 20 years, says Tinstad to Netafsen.

At the same time, he believes it is sad to see the development regarding the pitfalls in Holmenkollen.

– It is very sad to see that you were not able to pay attention to the popular ski jumps festival. Why did it become this way? Someone other than me must answer.

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