Hopefully this Apple rumor is true, but don't believe it

Hopefully this Apple rumor is true, but don't believe it

The Rivian R1T pickup is one of the best cars our editors have tested, regardless of class.

We place little faith, but great hope, to these rumours

So when we heard that Apple would be interested in partnering with the Californian manufacturer, we were initially happy, but then disappointed. The reason is the source Digitimswhich is an unreliable source and we only report on it in rare cases, or if the issue gets a slightly different news angle, like this one.

As a rule, Digitimes always uses the quote “sources with knowledge of the plans in the production network,” and that is also the case this time. Anything is possible, and Apple is more likely to revive Project Titan than many other potential projects. If any of this is true, at least they are talking or have spoken, then the report of the car project being canceled in February is flawed at best.

One of the reasons why the two companies fit so well together, besides introducing both companies to California culture, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe has said the following about controlling everything to deliver the best experience, which is a strong enough Apple tradition anyway. Have excelled through:

“With a lot of the things we do, whether it's music or mapping, we have to make sure it's integrated with best-in-class platforms. By having control over the system, it just allows us to be the arbiter of the experience you get, versus handing over control of what We think it's one of the most important parts of the experience.

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