There will be four new ones – ITavisen

There will be four new ones – ITavisen

Mark Gurman reveals that Apple will launch four new MacBooks in 2024.

MacBook Pro

It’s been a quiet year for MacBooks and iPad in 2023, but next year it may ease for both, especially the iPad Pro which will likely get a new design. According to Gorman, the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 models have reached the DVT phase, which stands for Design Validation Testing. In other words: they are approaching mass production.

What’s new in the hardware is the M3 Pro and M3 Max chipset. There are no design changes or new features rumored. It is expected to be released early in the year/before spring.

MacBook Air

And these are not the only machines that will be launched next year. According to Gorman, there will also be new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Airs, which are also in the EVT phase and therefore also ready not too long ago, but not in the first quarter. Instead, Gorman believes these devices will arrive in the spring or summer of 2024. The new Air machines will be equipped with an M3 chip, which we don’t know anything about yet.

When it comes to iPads, there’s confusion surrounding the new models. According to Gurman, there won’t be anything new this month as previously rumored – instead, Apple will only launch the Apple Pencil 3 according to Mac Otakara. Last week, there were rumors of a new iPad mini 7 without or with less “jelly scrolling.”

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