House for sale: reviews are rave

House for sale: reviews are rave

House for sale is taking the internet by storm these days.

The house, which was sold for NOK 4.2 million, attracts attention with its small size Good Creative bathroom solution.

Jam Press news agency reported.

Alfred gasped: β€œHe thought he was going to die.”

Completely hopeless

Externally, the jewelery includes a well-kept back garden, a large garage and a small green area in the front at the entrance. In addition, the house offers solar panels on the roof and a fully equipped kitchen accompanied by a spacious dining room inside the house.

On the first floor you will find the master bedroom, as well as two small rooms that can be used as a bedroom or office. Here come the reactions:

In the master bedroom, there is one detail that attracts attention.

– This is absolutely hopeless, writes a man searching for a house in his social media after seeing the ad.


The house is centrally located in the village of Barrow in England. The house itself looks very attractive in its own right β€” until you see the toilet solution in the master bedroom, according to Jam.

Blocked drains: Do you flush hair, cotton buds, and wet wipes down the toilet? You should stay away from it! Video: Embla Hjort Larsen.
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Criticisms are welcome

The bedroom has a single toilet at one end of the room – with a full view of the bed.

– I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh, writes a home buyer on the real estate agent’s website.

In the photo from the ad, you can see that the previous owner had fixed a curtain that you can pull in front of the toilet if you need to.

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However, this solution does not hold up, and many people are angry on social media. There are also no signs of washing or ventilation inside the room. Thus, everyone’s fear of smell was recorded:

-You damned father. Place to an unsanitary room, writes one.

Arousing interest: - I met yesterday

Arousing interest: – I met yesterday

– It’s nice to fall asleep to the smell of your own dung, writes another.

According to Jam News Agency, there is another bathroom in the house, which contains a toilet and a small shower. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the toilet in the master bedroom, but many still criticize it.

Although criticism has poured in in the wake of the housing announcement, there are also many who praise the toilet solution:

– That’s genius. Here, one does not need to open the bottle if necessary during the night, writes a third.

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