Hurricane Ida: – The remains of Ida are on their way to Norway

Hurricane Ida: - The remains of Ida are on their way to Norway

Hurricane Ida Large parts of the United States have been devastated in recent weeks. It is one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded, with winds up to 66 meters per second. Meteorologist Han Pete Schator says Ida will affect Norwegian weather next week.

The high pressure that caused sun and good weather in large parts of the country will now be replaced by low pressure that can cause large amounts of rain and storms.

The hurricane led to dire consequences. So far, more than 50 people have been confirmed dead in the United States.

It might be a warning

– Ida remains mixed at low pressure, and this will intensify the precipitation and precipitation, says Scattor.

As a result of the remnants of the cyclone now on their way to Norway, Trondelag and Nordland will receive significant amounts of rain.

Tuesday and Wednesday it gets some rain. A warning of danger may be sent, but the situation is something we have to watch and monitor, says the meteorologist.

Forecasters expect up to 80 mm of rain on Tuesday and nearly 50 mm of rain the next day. A hurricane does not bring wind, but a large amount of rain.

The tax officer says he will conduct a thorough assessment during Monday, to see if it is necessary to send a warning of the danger.

the damage: Hurricane Ida continues to devastate the United States, and has caused significant material damage. Video: Twitter / St. Bernard Parish. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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However, not everyone recognizes Ida’s remains. The sun will shine in both Sørlandet and Østlandet and temperatures will rise.

Eastern Norway is entering a period of plenty of sunshine and high temperatures. On Wednesday, it can bend more than 25 degrees. Sørlandet will also have calm and nice weather, says Sørlandet, but there could be some clouds.

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There are great variances and a distinct difference in the weather that will continue throughout the week. While Nordland and Trondelag will receive significant amounts of rain from the remnants of the cyclone, southern and eastern Norway will have warm days and clear skies. Western Norway will also receive precipitation, and it will be mostly cloudy, according to Schator.

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