– I didn’t know it – VG

- I didn't know it - VG
Hope for a good game: Glimt captain Ulrich Saltens is hoping the VAR won’t break the game too much.

BODØ / OSLO (VG) VAR technology will be used for the first time in Aspmyra when it faces Bodø / Glimt Zalgiris in the third round of the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. Glimt Captain Ulrich Saltens (29) wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about it.


– I didn’t know it until I said it now. Saltnis told VG that it will be a special experience around the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) during the next round of Champions League qualifiers.

The 29-year-old was previously clear that he doesn’t He wants the VAR in Norwegian football. VAR will be presented at Eliteserien in 2023.

– For my part, it is not interesting to watch football matches that use VAR technology. The biggest challenge is all the effective playing time that gets thrown away. It removes differences. Being bitter and contented, he discusses, That’s what football is, he told VG last year.

He didn’t change his position until the VAR now came to Aspmera.

– I’ve never been a fan of VAR, but I think I have to adapt to the majority. I hope he doesn’t waste too much playing time, says Saltnis.

ASPMYRA: Audiences in Bodø will be able to experience VAR technology for the first time at Aspmyra next week. Here from the second leg against Roma in the Conference League quarter-finals earlier this year.

Without taking the pulse of home fans’ thoughts that there will now be a video judging in Aspmyra, the captain answers the following question:

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– For upcoming viewers, could it detract from the experience?

– She can do it, but people are different. He would have done it for me if I had watched it and it took him so long to make different decisions, and it would have detracted from my experience as a spectator. But I don’t know how the average bystander deals with that, so it would be difficult to answer.

Bodeau/Glimt advanced to the third round after a show of strength at home against Linfield:

The return match will be played against Lithuanian Zalgiris next Wednesday, 3 August.

Bodø/Glimt’s Director of Events Organ Hildal told VG that the club had already begun work to clarify the needs identified by UEFA and, among other things, the Hawkeye system that would be used, without all the details being fully clear yet.

– It basically requires a six-camera production for this part of the tournament, so probably not the most violent VAR system. Nothing compared to what you see in the women’s EC, or in the group stage. Hildal says it doesn’t seem like a difficult maneuver at this time to put together what’s needed to implement VAR in Aspmyra.

VAR technology was previously used in Norwegian international matches and was also used at Aker Stadium when Molde played the UEFA Champions League match against Ferencvaros in Autumn 2020:

VAR in Norway: While this is the first time that VAR technology has been used in Aspmyra, it has been used in Norway before. Here from the Molde vs Ferencvaros match in 2020.

With just under a week before the start of the first match in the third qualifying round for the Champions League, there are still a number of details missing about the setup. However, the VAR system will not give Glimt any additional costs.

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– First of all, we must make sure that the surrounding infrastructure adapts to the requirements of this system, and then UEFA covers the operation of the VAR system itself, says the event director.

After the big win over Linfield on Wednesday night, Bodo Club was locked down At least 30 million NOKAnd there may be more.

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