I got a very high Tesla bill: – You won’t pay

I got a very high Tesla bill: - You won't pay

The owner of a Tesla Model S must have received a workshop invoice of NOK 200,000. He refused to pay, and instead rigged the car with 30 kilograms of dynamite, The Independent writes.

And so Finn Thomas Katainen, the “proud” owner, took the matter into his own hands and decided to portray the violent action.

Post the video on Youtube On December 17, and since then, more than five million people have watched the clip.

The battery had to be replaced

Katainen herself says in the video that the car, which was a modified 2013 model, passed without problems for more than 1,500 kilometers.

But then the problems must have started:

– Error codes started beating, so I ordered a truck to take it to the workshop. The car was in the Tesla workshop for about a month, and eventually I was told they couldn’t do anything for me—the only option was to replace the entire battery cell, he says.

It would cost at least 200,000 kroner, and Katainen also had to apply for approval from Tesla after that.

Perfection interested in trade Reports, the work must also be approved by Tesla, which means it cannot be done by a third-party workshop that may demand less pay for the work.

– bursts to breach

Katainen refused to spend such a large amount of money, and therefore the car was effectively sentenced to death. He called his favorite YouTuber to come over and wipe out a broken Tesla.

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– I told the workshop I would come now and get a Tesla. Now I’m going to blow up the whole car, says Katainen in the video.

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Katinen says he got the car back, and went to work planning the bombing mission with the rest of the gang.

30 kilos of dynamite

In the video, you can see that the team is fully preparing for the explosion, tying large sausages with dynamite to the expensive car.

In fact, the team outfitted the car with up to 30 kilograms of dynamite, all on one side of the car so they knew which direction the blast would go.

It is Katainen himself who gets the honor of pressing the shutter button.

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After a quick countdown, you can see it light up from an orange fireball in the quarry where the Tesla’s…and stood.

Because when the explosion goes off, the Tesla parts explode in all directions.

– Now he is gone, mentioned in the video, to the cheers of the spectators.

Although the standard warranty on the Model S lasts for eight years, it can be voided if the workshop, which has not been approved by Tesla, has opened or serviced the battery, according to The Independent.

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