– I must apologize – VG

- I must apologize - VG

ÅRÅSEN (VG) (Lillestrøm – Bodø / Glimt 1-4) Hugo Vetlesen played superbly for Glimt after coming into the first game, but then the 22-year-old stopped his behaviour.


While Wittelsen was preparing during the match behind Lilleström goalkeeper Mads Heidenstadt’s goal, Wittelsen made condescending comments and shouted. Later, Wittelsen came and contributed with a 3-1 goal and a 4-1 assist.

In the interview area afterwards, the Glimt player asked to chat with Lillestrøm coach Geir Bakke. He wanted to say sorry.

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– Maybe you were too hot in the heat of the match towards Mads in particular, we’re friends. I tried to be a little funny, but then he said it was overstepping the mark. Then I must apologize, Vetlesen tells VG.

– You said he had soap on his gloves. I apologize to Lillestrøm. It was an important match and I couldn’t stand it. I’m totally frustrated with that.

on me NRK’s Pictures show that Lillestrøm sporting director Simon Mesfin is angry with Vetlesen, before the Glimt player is taken to the hosts’ dressing room for a chat.

Mads Hedenstad faced the situation like this:

– I hear him standing next to my post and shouting something. Not a problem. I said what Hugo thought. We’re good friends, Heidenstad says, so no problem.

– Unnecessarily. No players should stand by the post and shout at opponents. He is unsportsmanlike and goes too far.

Big Game: Hugo Vetlesen had a huge success in the last quarter.

Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen is clearly scolding his player.

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– He crossed the line. We shouldn’t behave like this. But Knutsen says it is too ripe for Vettel to regret it.

lead victory flash Up to second place in Eliteserien with a point more than Lillstrom In third place. Rosenberg In fourth place, two points behind before meeting Kristiansund on Sunday. Valringa Three points ahead of Glimt.

Away: Runar Espejord Glimt sends up 2-1. Replays showed that he was an offside.

– It doesn’t look like a 1-4 game, but you can see that Glimt has a high quality. Match up to 1-2. Next, we have to take chances, and then Glimt is sharp, LSK coach Bakke tells VG.

It’s been played evenly for so long, and so it was so difficult for the hosts that Runar Espejord’s offside record to make it 1-2 helped define the match. He was standing in the center of defense when Amal Pellegrino hit the ball into the penalty area.

– I just had to put my foot on it, but I didn’t realize I was offside, says Espejord.

Lillestrøm goalkeeper Hedenstad was clearly upset and angrily hit the air, while Kanari fans rage in the stands as the re-goal came on the big screen.

The equaliser: Elden Ibrahimaj scored the equalizer for Arsene after a superb attack.

Throughout the match, the temperature was high both on the field and in the stands. I might have crossed the line sometimes. Things were thrown at Pellegrino and referee Tori Hansen.

Glimt took a 1-0 lead after just over half an hour from a free kick when Ulrike Saltense headed home from Amal Pellegrino. Shortly thereafter, Lillstrom responded with a 1-1 draw at Yelden Ibrahimaj Stadium.

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Immediately after the end of the first half, the aforementioned 2-1 goal came to Espegord. Lillestrøm’s returning senior player, Thomas Lehne Olsen, seized a good opportunity to make 2-2.

In the end, Glimt showed quality. Five minutes before the start of the match, Hugo Vettelsen pushed forward and into the field beautifully put the ball into the goal. Later he played for Pellegrino who increased to 4-1.

note! my birth won 1-0 against Tromso and cruising towards gold league. There are a total of 15 points all the way to Glimt.

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