I want to create more space for manhood

I want to create more space for manhood

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Adam Schgulberg does not write off masculinity, but he believes that there is room for both masculinity and femininity in the same body.

– According to tradition, Blikk has a summer column again this year. As a rule, it is lukewarm, but this year it is difficult not to address the shooting incident in Oslo on June 25. Pride was not what we thought this year. how are you?

– It was a little heavy. I will admit it. It came in waves with helplessness and a bit of emptiness. But at the same time, there are also great waves of belonging, togetherness and love. So it will be fine.

– This year is a strange cultural year. So, what’s your best experience of queer culture so far?

– Oh, there were so many! Everything from “Espen Loves Judy” at Det Norsk Teatreet, to Big Daddy Karsten at Spakersupa during Oslo Pride. But I really have to feature Niles Beach in the opera. It was covered with rainbows as you get. I’m trying to enjoy as many bizarre events as possible this year, since next year it’s back to the straight gay-free cultural year. I will also be visiting Røros Pride, Son Pride and Agder Pride, so it is still possible to get many highlights of queer culture this year. In addition, I have the premiere of “Adam Setter Skapet På Plass”, directed by Terje Sporsem, on September 8 in Oslo NY.

Which song is your favorite this summer?

– “Physically” with Dua Lipa My man started dancing this summer, I must admit. Not that it’s hard to move on, but there is something about songs that have a bit of ’80s nostalgia in them.

What are you reading/watching this summer?

– I’m reading my own script, so I try to take turns watching a mentally dead movie now and then. Likes to go to the cinema. The best so far is the last movie in the Jurassic Park series.

– The fight continues! What is your abnormal passion?

I want to help create more space for masculinity. To stop feeling that one is regulating one’s femininity out of shame. This does not mean that I write off masculinity, but that there is space for both parts in the same body.

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