– I went through a period of hell mentally – VG

- I went through a period of hell mentally - VG
Happy: – The weekend exceeded all expectations, says Heidi Wing of Betostoln.

BETOSTOLEN (VG) Heidi Wing (31) was proud and relieved after finishing second and seventh in the opening races at Betostollen. She was deep in the basement and used a psychiatrist weekly.


– The weekend exceeded all expectations. I got crushed at workouts earlier this year and neither did I. So I’m comfortable, he says Heidi Wong to VG.

She finished second in the 10km classic and seventh in the 10km ski event (both races were won by Ann-Kirsti Calva) during the national opening in Betostoln.

Last winter, Weng missed the Olympics due to coronavirus and had to isolate himself in a hotel room in Italy. On the eve of the season, she suffered a concussion that affected training for several months. Weng had a lot of headaches and wasn’t very social.

– It was mentally tough for me. I was in terrible shape mentally. Wing says, I’ll take with me that I got to the start and did a good job, I didn’t think so.

– It was incredibly difficult and I was alone an incredible amount. This would not have been possible without the family and support around us.

The 31-year-old held weekly talks with psychologist Arne Jørstad Reis, head of sports psychology at Olympiatoppen.

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– I have had very good support from the family and help from a psychologist. I was too far downstairs.

Weng has been training well since the summer and has been a bright spot in a difficult period. She has the Planica toilet at the end of February as her high goal.

With a lack of training since the spring, Weng assumes she will sit out World Cup weekends to fit in the training slots

– Winter will probably be different for me, says Wing, who is used to participating in most competitions.

– I hope to keep getting better and better. I haven’t been training like I used to and I really like the flat and safe plans. But there was a lot of backtracking.

Falling, among other things, she stayed up with the rest of the team in the fall.

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