Ice shareholder asks Oslo Bors to investigate mobile operator takeover

Ice shareholder asks Oslo Bors to investigate mobile operator takeover

– This is some of the most dangerous I’ve seen in Norwegian finance. The acquisition of Ice is a pure circumvention of a company’s direct bidding. Here, the stock exchange should come on the scene and investigate the deal, says minority shareholder Roy Mosvold at Ice today’s work.

He owns seven million shares of Ice stock, which are now worth four million kroner. A year ago, the market value of the shares was 133 million Norwegian kroner, according to the newspaper.

Oslo Boerse says the takeover is not Oslo Boerse’s responsibility and believes it’s up to shareholders if they want to consider it legally.

At the end of February, it became known that Lacey had concluded an agreement to purchase Ice Group Scandinavia Holdings. The agreement was valued at approximately NOK 5.6 billion and means that Lisi will take over all of Ice’s operations and operational activities.

Mosvold, who is also a lender to Ice, reacts to the fact that it was not a direct offer to listed Ice, but the purchase of a subsidiary.

Ice has been in big debt for a long time. The group notes that the burden of debt is the reason for the chosen acquisition model and that the solution does not go against the habits and usage of acquisitions. Liz also doesn’t think buying breaks any rules.

The merger between Ice and Lyse would rival Telenor and Telia with 1.5 million customers on mobile, broadband and television.

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