Students do not want to “return to normal” – VG

Students do not want to "return to normal" - VG
TOTAL: Two years after the outbreak, students can finally attend a national meeting.

This week, 560 students from across the country are gathering for the first time before the outbreak of the student body’s national assembly, the “Student Parliament”.


In a clear voice, Edward Potterly Udnes, President of the Student Organization, in his inaugural address to the “Student Parliament” declared that the return of students to “default” was not the goal. From several teams Is recent.

– The norm donkey of Norwegian schools, says Utnas in a hall full of students coming from all over the country.

– We will not return to normal, we will create a new school.

– Ordinary ass: Edward Potterly is the president of the Udness Student Organization. He thinks it is wrong to “return to normal”. – Now we have to go, he tells Vijay.

To VG, Udnæs describes:

– Epidemiology has clarified which systems are the most vulnerable. We learned a lot from this crisis at school and now we must seize the opportunity. We can not go back to the level before March 12, 2020 – we must move forward.

– What should the “new school” have?

– It’s too much. The most important thing is that the school should be suitable for every student.

Many improvements

This week, 560 students from all districts gathered in Gardermoen to agree on what is needed to build the best school in the world. In his inaugural address, Udnæs pointed out that several important developments in Norwegian school policy had been proposed in Elevtinget’s rostrum.

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– The things we take at school today are not always there. Before politics came, there was a post on this platform.

Udnes points to examples such as all schools have student councils, today there is a separate work environment law for students, and today students in higher education do not have to pay for school books.

In the Speaker’s chair: Edward Potterly Udnes said in his inaugural address that many important developments in Norwegian school policy began as proposals in the student parliament.

The exam gives “stroke”

The student leader makes it clear what the next big turning point for the student body will be:

– Dear Elevating, says from the Udness Rostrum that we must abolish choice.

This is the third year in a row Spring choices Primary and secondary education was canceled.

– The student body has been against exams since the 60s, says Udnæs VG.

Exam: The student body thinks the exam is outdated.

– The solution has hardly changed since our Dipolde parents went to school. Estimating 13 years of schooling in five hours is hopeless.

When asked how students should be evaluated, Udnas answers that this is what students should discuss in parliament. Also, students put a lot of pressure on Education Minister Tonje Brenna to find alternatives to the exam.

Udnæs says they do not want to replace the choice with the first and best choice, but to find a better solution. He cites portfolio rating as an example.

– Learning is not just about taking a test. That is the whole process. The form of the assessment should reflect this.

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Watch the video: Not all students want to cancel the exam

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