“I’m a little scared” – Itavesen

“I’m a little scared” – Itavesen

Tesla has begun feeding its employee cars with the version 12 update, the big update that provides autonomous driving as long as the driver follows it.

Musk Vs. Careers

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs was “whipping” his employees for doing what they considered impossible behind closed doors, Musk sets the agenda with large, almost impossible projects with a very short deadline in the public domain. He rarely gets to them on time, but he usually gets to them eventually. Will it be able to do the same with autonomous driving?

Musk has talked about the possibility of Tesla cars being able to drive taxis at night on their own, while the owner sleeps. It seems far away, but the company is a little closer, at least the possibility of self-driving has been approved American When things stabilize in the EU region, it is too early to say anything about it.

Many others are getting tested

Now that Tesla has rolled out the update in beta to its employees, the system will be even better. For a long time, the company only allowed Tesla drivers with many miles under their belt and nearly perfect driving to test. A more widespread proposition indicates that the company is more confident and believes the chance of problems occurring is much lower than last year. Furthermore, previously, only Tesla’s internal development team was allowed to test version 12.

Although this is an important milestone for Tesla, owners of cars in the US that have tested the function are much more skeptical and do not believe Musk and the company will reach their FSD goals anytime soon.

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I think Tesla is far away

Although US road traffic regulations and authorities are more liberal than in Norway, Electrek does not believe the company will agree to a solution in the near future:

Tesla must submit the data to authorities for approval for Level 3, 4 or 5 self-driving. Since Tesla hasn’t been very transparent with its self-driving data yet, I don’t have much hope that Tesla will be approved anytime soon.


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