– I'm so sorry – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I'm so sorry – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I think it's great that she – as the only one – dares to speak out in society.

This is what Alexander Aamodt Kjelde says about Christine Geertsen, a member of the board of directors of the Norwegian Ski Association.

– Kudos to her, the mountaineer continues.

Just before Christmas, Geertsen sent an email to Kildee, among others, in which she took responsibility and self-criticism for her role in the board’s handling of the so-called “Image rights” issue.

– I really wish I had researched deeper and therefore understood this sooner, reads part of the email seen by NRK.

– I apologize profusely, and say no further.

Happy for the support

Geertsen sent an apology on his own behalf, but it wasn't supposed to be this way. During the November board meeting, Geertsen came up with five proposals, one of which was as follows:

“The Ski Board publicly apologizes for the fact that the work and national team agreement process took an unacceptably long time, recognizing that time is a more important factor for athletes than for management and the board.”

appears in Minutes Which was announced over the weekend. The motion was voted down.

I really appreciate having someone on the board who stands up for us and wants to make a change on this. “I think the future looks brighter now, so we just have to take it one step at a time,” says Kjeld.

The conflict between the skating federation and several major sports figures was protracted, reached a stalemate and had disastrous consequences:

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The conflict between ski stars and the Norwegian Ski Association

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– Several times longer than is acceptable

The year-long dispute meant that the national team of climbers did not sign a contract with the NSF for several years. In addition, cross country star Johannes Hosflot Klaebo opted to sit out the national team, and Lukas Bräthen retired at the age of 23.

Board member Geertsen explains to NRK why she wants the joint board to apologize:

– The national team agreement process took much longer than should be considered acceptable, and we have national team athletes today who signed a contract for the 2021 season (!). Time is a critical factor for practitioners whose careers span a few years, and is far more important than management and the board of directors. This made the outcome of a long process disproportionately large, Geertsen says.

Board member: Christine Geertsen, pictured here in connection with the board meeting in Gardermoen in November.

Photo: Inger Christine Lee/NRK

She is also critical of her own efforts, especially since she did not realize the seriousness of the situation until she read one VG case In June of last year. She then reported the issue to the council.

-I really wish I had delved into this and understood this sooner. When I felt the gravity of the matter, I also had to put in more effort to speed up the process throughout the summer and early fall,” the board member explains.

She says that is what she apologized for, and she was told that the apology was accepted and appreciated.

Ski Association: – Responsibility of the Board of Directors

Vice-president of the Norwegian Ski Association, Aage Channing, told NRK that they were clear that “addressing this issue has taken a long time.”

– It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, and he has stated this publicly several times. As also appears from the Board minutes in this case, it is not unusual for there to be differing opinions and discussions on the Board when matters are dealt with and before they are approved. He says that there is complete transparency in this regard.

Channing continues:

– The Ski Board's focus last fall was to evaluate the various legal opinions related to these issues, and ensure that we find the best possible solutions for all participants going forward.

In the minutes of the meeting in which Geertsen proposed, among other things, a joint apology, it was stated that the motion was voted down because “the head skating officer had already complained in the media several times.”

“I deeply regret that Lucas has come to this conclusion,” skating president Tove Moe Dierhoog told the association. Private sites When the clutches were getting real.

The Council believes that the President has already apologized several times. Do you agree that her statements cover what you wanted to apologize for?

– The Board of Directors’ decision on remorse, as I suggested, would be made by the entire Board, including the chairs of the branch committees. “I also understand that athletes have expressed a lack of understanding of their situation recently as well,” Geertsen answers.

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