In this country, Apple must comply with the new iPhone law

In this country, Apple must comply with the new iPhone law

A new law in South Korea requires mobile phone manufacturers to facilitate third-party payment solutions in their app stores.

App Store Opened

So, developers can now use whatever payment solution they want, and the least expensive solution to make it easier to sell their apps.

To comply with this law, developers may use the external purchase right of StoreKit. This right gives apps distributed on the App Store exclusively in South Korea the opportunity to offer an alternative in-app payment processing option. Developers who wish to continue to use Apple’s in-app purchase system can do so, and no further action is required.


The law was introduced in the country last year and prohibits companies like Google and Apple from forcing users to use only the corporate solution.

Apple (which takes up to 30 percent of the commission) is clearly against the law and believes that this will make it more difficult for customers to manage purchases, that they will be more vulnerable to attacks and that this is a privacy risk.

Family Sharing is not supported

Apple warns that “Ask to Buy” and Family Sharing no longer works if you’re using alternative payment solutions, in part because Apple “can’t verify payments made outside the app.”

It further states: “Apple will not be able to assist users with refunds, purchase history, subscription management, and other issues that arise when purchasing digital goods and services through an alternative purchase method. You will be responsible for resolving such issues.”

The two major EU digital bills will also likely facilitate this in Europe.

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