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OnePlus 10 Pro is a worthy competitor to both Samsung and Apple. It has an excellent screen, very fast, a large battery, and charges insanely fast. The cameras are pretty good, but here they have to be outdone by two market leaders.

The price, on the other hand, is a little more comfortable. Here you can save a thousand dollars and then get a well-equipped model with 12/256 memory configuration. The question is whether 10,990 NOK is enough to attract buyers. Then 9890 kr is a little better, but it is for the 8/128 GB model. Maybe a little small. Because here too we don’t find a memory card slot.

Minor upgrade and downgrade

In truth, there are only slight differences from the previous 9 Pro to the new 10 Pro.

In the cameras, which for many are the most important thing with a modern mobile phone, there is a lot in common. The 48MP main camera and the 8MP phone camera are the same, while the 50MP wide-angle camera has a physically much smaller sensor. The smaller sensor with smaller pixels doesn’t seem like an upgrade, but in return it can take pictures in the 150-degree sector in the foreground. that’s cool. We believe that a wide angle camera should take the widest angle possible. But the back is slightly lower than the previous detail with larger pixels.

Excellent main camera: The main camera has very good specifications and works well. Photo: Odd Richard Valmot

Contender: The Samsung S22 Ultra is better than that, but not by much in good lighting. Photo: Odd Richard Valmot

OnePlus has dropped its smallest 2-megapixel black and white camera. It is hardly missed.

In any case, the ten take excellent pictures, just as the nine. OnePlus is marking Hasselblad as a partner. We think the amount that Gothenburgers put into the intellectual abilities of the cameras is probably very limited. Maybe some input for calibration without making much difference. This is the same thing that other mobile phone manufacturers are doing with Zeiss and Leica.

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All three cameras can capture images with ten-bit color accuracy. It’s not unique to the top models, but it’s the first time OnePlus has used it. In theory, it means “Billion Color Solution” as they call it, but it’s best seen where there are small gradations over parts of the image as in the sky.

One thing OnePlus hasn’t quite done. When we take photos in dark environments, it’s not particularly good compared to a phone like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It can evoke details you don’t see with the naked eye. Tithing cannot do that.

Darkness: The OnePlus 10 Pro isn’t particularly impressive in the dark Photo: Odd Richard Valmot

Darkness: The Samsung S22 Ultra is really good in the dark Photo: Odd Richard Valmot

The selfie camera has twice as many pixels and a slightly larger sensor. The 32 MPs are doing a good job and are electronically stable. Quite on par with other best models.


Figures 10 and 9 look pretty much the same, except for the camera island on the back. It’s sharper on the newcomer despite having a smaller camera. Whether that makes the phone prettier is a matter of taste, but we mean it. The camera island is also equipped with a ceramic coating that makes it highly scratch-resistant.

The back is matte black, or matte green for whoever prefers it. What we really appreciate is that OnePlus comes with a cover in the package. A matte black or green lid looks a lot better than the glossy plastic lids someone sends out. But we shouldn’t criticize them either. The important thing is that you get a cover with the phone and then you can instead buy a more stylish cover, if you think it’s needed.

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OnePlus has always had its own physical switch for vibration and silence. Copied from iPhone. It’s in place, and we’d love to see more people do this copying.

The phone has got a new haptic engine that OnePlus says is 40 percent more powerful than before and faster. It is noticeable when we set the touch control to maximum. Then you get clear notes with your finger.


OnePlus’ top model always comes with the most powerful processor from Qualcomm. Here we find the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

This is exactly the power and excellent performance package for those who use their mobile phones for gaming. The performance data is very similar to that obtained with a Motorola car with the same processor.


The screen is very similar to the one we found in its predecessor, but this screen can go from 1 to 120 Hz. It ensures a flicker-free experience and maximum energy savings. Bright 6.7 inch AMOLED display with maximum brightness when the sun shines on it at 1300 nits. The only difference we notice is that the glass above the screen is now Gorilla Glass Victus. A notch higher than Gorilla Glass 5 is at number nine, without being a big change.

The screen fills the front so there is only a little left of the edge left. The degree of filling, if we can call it that, is 90 percent. Slightly bend over the side edges without becoming too much

In the new model, OnePlus moved the fingerprint sensor near the center of the display. Previously, it had a downward facing towards the bottom of the screen and was slightly less accessible when you maneuver it with one hand.

Lady Monster

Unlike other models, a charger is included with the purchase of the phone. And for the charger! It can charge up to 80W. OnePlus had always been on top with 67 watts, but now it was others who threatened the position, so it was 80 watts. They obviously work with a 120W charger as well, but that seems pretty wild.

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In order not to overload the battery, there are two batteries in the phone that share the effect of violent charging. They also received a small boost from 4.5 Ah to 5 Ah – in total. As before, it also supports up to 50W of wireless charging.

The combination of charging power and battery size makes this phone the most powerful phone on the market in the industry.


OnePlus developed their own interface which they called Oxygen OS 12.1. Operating system refers to the operating system, but of course it is not. It is and will be an interface like Samsung, which has One UI. Android 12 is the operating system here.

As always, the new interface looks a bit strange when you rebrand the mobile. But Oxygen OS is very well developed and it doesn’t take long to get to know it. The goal of these interfaces is to offer their own “look and feel”, but also to improve capabilities beyond pure Android. But it also means that it takes longer to get the new Android upgrades as they come out because the interface needs customization.

Photo: Digi.no

We note that OnePlus promises three years of upgrades to Android, with linked interfaces, and four years of security upgrades. It’s very good, but not as good as Samsung which has taken over to compete more effectively with the iPhone.


As it should be on a higher model, there is of course stereo sound in place. The sound is good and on par with the best other cell phones. It may not be the way you listen to music, but it’s excellent as a radio.


  • good cameras
  • Super fast charging
  • Good battery life
  • good screen
  • Very fast


  • State that it is not mechanically strong against bending
  • Not cheap anymore
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