Manchester United, English Premier League | This could save United

Manchester United, English Premier League |  This could save United

Manchester United have announced a new partnership with the Institute of Sport at Manchester Metropolitan University. The main goal is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the team's performance on the field.

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This joint venture, involving men's, women's and youth teams, is designed to unite United's footballing know-how with the University's expertise in research and innovation.

It will achieve a competitive advantage

Many research projects, both short-term and long-term, are part of collaboration, with the aim of achieving competitive advantage through in-depth insight.

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The club itself is the one that announces the agreement On its pages.

The innovative role in this partnership focuses on using artificial intelligence to analyze the technical, tactical and physical elements of top-flight football. The PhD candidate will work in close collaboration with both United and the University, applying advanced AI technology to data taken from actual games.

Sports director Radi

The club's sporting director, John Murtaugh, is happy with the agreement.

Murtov said: – We are constantly working to be at the forefront of innovation and progress in football performance, and this initiative will enhance these efforts.

– Working with the Institute of Sport will build on the excellent research and innovation teams we have in place to improve the performance and development support we can offer our players, concludes the Sporting Director.

Student project

In addition, a three-year student project will examine the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament injuries, particularly among female players in United's first team. This highlights the club's dedication to addressing specific issues and improving player performance through extensive research.

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The initiative will also give students the opportunity to work directly with Manchester United through mentoring and work experience programmes. Club staff will contribute lectures and workshops to guests at the university, and this interaction between academic experience and practical knowledge of football represents a new era of sports research and innovation in the world of football.

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