The founder of “Healthy Eats” offers three tips for you who want to start your own business

The founder of "Healthy Eats" offers three tips for you who want to start your own business

The road becomes less intimidating when someone walks on it in front of you.

Founder Vilde Regine Tellnes wrote: “If only half the world’s population would help create the future, it would be a huge social and economic loss.”
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    Socio-Economist and General Manager of Healthy Eats

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In today’s society The future is essentially created by two things: innovation and technology. Often this is created on the basis of newly established companies. Today the men stand Behind 80% of Limited Companies Founded in Norwaywhile only 4% of new technology companies are owned by women. If only half of the world’s population were to be involved in making the future, that would be a huge social and economic loss.

In order to get more women into the start-up companies, we must make it safer and show the women who have already walked the road. Sharing knowledge and experience can also make significant impacts over time. The road becomes less intimidating when someone walks on it in front of you.

Life as a businessman Mostly a roller coaster. Great peaks and deep valleys. It makes room for a lot of mistakes and challenges but also for mastery. This is exactly what gives life substance. If we stop learning, we will stop growing.

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Here are my three tips for women who have an idea and are thinking of getting started:

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1. Don’t wait for your so-called “Eureka moment” to begin, it won’t come – you have to create it yourself!

Think big, start small – find yourself and surround yourself in environments where you make arrangements to create just that moment. When you take the first step to getting started, the most difficult task is accomplished.

2. The Importance of Believing in Yourself and Your Vision – Self-confidence is a superpower!

If you or your company doesn’t think this is possible, they will stop before the adventure begins.

3. Good relationships – it’s all about people, and on average you become one of your closest five. Define relationships and teams accordingly.

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good relationships central to success. We are shaped by what we see and hear and surround ourselves with, so it’s important to be aware of it. Practically speaking, it’s all about people and relationships. It is also easy to forget in a technological world that without humans we would not have any value to create value. Any negotiation, new invention, or good or bad experience involving one or more people.

I got trapped I am with many people who have been successful in what they do, who have given me the desire and belief that it is possible to be able to follow the same path myself. The road becomes less intimidating when someone walks on it in front of you.

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Ask yourself, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Then you know exactly where to start.

Norway needs more Women who want to take a place in business, women entrepreneurs who dare to invest and think big! This will be critical for future solutions.

Also remember that it must be a little uncomfortable, this is where the value occurs and the magic is created. Progress in the world would not have been possible without people stepping out of their comfort zone and searching for the unknown.


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