Increased range and hurdle

Increased range and hurdle

The Mercedes-Benz EQA and EQB get facelifts and technical upgrades

Mercedes-Benz is doing the upgrade

With an updated look, increased range, and new features, EQA and EQB are now even more attractive. There is also good news for trailer users.

MBUX has been updated with enhanced voice control and driving assistance systems, and with Plug & Charge charging technology, innovations from larger models are making their way into the compact class.

For the first time, a tow hitch will also be available as an optional extra on the five-seat EQB.

With the updated EQA and EQB models, the Mercedes-Benz compact class enjoys the same luxurious feel already provided by the larger EQ models. With a range of up to 560 kilometers for the EQA 250+ and trailer hitch capability in the 5-seater version of the EQB, these are the car models we hope will do well in the Norwegian market, says Thorbjørn Myrhaug, Director. Mercedes-Benz in Bertel O. Steen.

But you have to be patient. The new models will go on sale and Norwegian prices near the end of the year, and are not expected to arrive in the country until spring 2024.

The exterior and interior have been updated

With a newly designed black panel surface with a star-in-the-grid pattern, the EQA and EQB models visually join the ranks of their larger model siblings. A light strip connects the daytime running lights to the headlamps, while a new bumper accentuates the wide front. The interior of the taillights has also been changed.

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EQA and EQB are equipped with the latest generation MBUX. The appearance of the displays can be customized with three display styles (Stealth/Sport/Classic) and three modes (Navigation/Assistance/Service). The center-mounted touchscreen is now part of the standard equipment. There is also a new steering wheel with touch controls.

The display of charging functions in the MBUX system has also been improved. And by activating online services in the Mercedes me app, the intelligent voice assistant becomes even better because it recognizes the user and remembers frequently used settings and driving routes.

Increased trailer hitch range

By paying attention to detail, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz have been able to extend the range of the EQA to a range of 250+ up to 560 kilometers in accordance with WLTP.

They achieve this, among other things, by improving aerodynamics and tire rolling resistance. Power users, such as the monitor and air conditioning, can be turned off or restricted in order to maximize range – useful in everyday use.

For the first time, the five-seater EQB version can be equipped with a towbar. The maximum trailer weight is 750 kg on front-wheel drive vehicles and 1,700 kg on 4MATIC models.

And with the Mercedes me Charge Plug & Charge function, the new EQA and EQB models can be charged even more easily at public charging points that support Plug & Charge technology. When the charging cable is connected, the charging process starts automatically.

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