Incredibly cute. Incredibly single track. – VG

Incredibly cute.  Incredibly single track.  - VG
ELGITAR, COME ON: The chassis is noticeably larger, and Brian Adams is smaller on the inside.

Cute old man playing cute old rock. What can go wrong?


VG dice show two points

album: rock
Brian Adams
“So glad it hurts”

Brian Adams is someone who perhaps wakes up every morning full of energy and rejoiced at the possibilities of a new day, shocked by the still dazzling power of the sun. paste off “Absolutely incredible everything” the man in lego – the movie, The capital’s superheroes “Peacemaker” Its average age is four years.

no wonder.

His career has been limitless progress since the glorious movie “Reckless” (1984). It peaked once in the early 1990s, after a series of intertwined stories with spiraling long titles (“(All I Do), I’d Do for You,” “Have I Loved a Woman Before?” and “Please Forgive Me”).

In 1996, he also found the source of youth, and claimed that he had to be 18 to lie in the grave.

After 26 years, the 62-year-old certainly hasn’t aged much anywhere else but abroad. And hardly there. There is definitely something supernatural in this indomitable joy of messy guitar and similar sound.
Adams is a craftsman in everything he does. Both as a musician and photographer. If you are in the German garden, Now you can see how he captured the light of other great actors and celebrities. For those really interested, he’s also picked up the decorations for this year’s Pirelli calendar.

Perfect, because his fifteenth album also sounds like enthusiastic driving rock, with the multi-artist playing all the instruments. Of course, it’s because of the virus that has made us all look like Brian Adams in recent years.

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It’s also an explanation for why the drums are clearly show-like, quite rhythmic, but not particularly satisfying. And that most of the song’s material, despite its fits of joy, is monotonous and static.

John Cleese at the tipping point “Kick-Ass”. Kind of biblical chatter that ends with Adam’s roar “Let there be a kick rock.”

Yes, thank you. certainly.

It’s just that there are no hard rocker kicks here. There are more scoop kicks, and side variations on the same themes. Even weaker than Adam’s previous album of the year, the equally diverse soundtrack to the somewhat forgotten “Pretty Woman” soundtrack.

The casing is a different type of Adams casing that appears on guitars. Closer to “Knife Cuts” (1983). Love songs are the overwhelming majority, often with phrases that have been sung so many times that they are completely devoid of all meaning. He sings “Love Is Everywhere,” for example, in “Let’s Do This.”

There is still something pleasant in this sincere sincerity. Because if we were all half as cheerful and energetic as Bryan Adams in the summer before turning 63, the world would surely be an even more amazing place.

Then you better be so with the music.

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