Institute of Meteorology | Beware of rainwater, closed roads and waterslides

Institute of Meteorology |  Beware of rainwater, closed roads and waterslides

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute reported that heavy rains continued to lash parts of eastern Norway on Tuesday. Rain creates the danger of closed roads and rainwater in streams and rivers.

Locally, large amounts of rain created the potential for excess water in the road in places and a risk of aquaplaning. Slow down and be careful, Vegtrafikksentralen East urges on Twitter.

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Now it will rain!

Three Yellow Danger Warnings

In Valdres, a yellow warning has been issued for rain, floods and landslides. Locally, up to 30-50mm of precipitation is expected in 12 hours, and up to 60-80mm in two days.

Keep abreast of the situation, clean gutters, keep away from rivers and streams with a large flow of water, clean basins and other waterways of soil, gravel, twigs and leaves, so that water can flow unimpeded where it flows normally, reads the plea from the Meteorological Institute.

The train is standing

The rain also caused problems for the movement of trains inland. The Gjøvik railway line between Yaren and Gjøvik has been closed due to flooding. Press officer Harry Korslund told Oppland Arbeiderblad that there was excess water in parts of the department after heavy rains in the past few hours.

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