Intel will allow you to update BIOS / UEFI without rebooting

Intel will allow you to update BIOS / UEFI without rebooting

Soon you will no longer need to restart your PC after BIOS / UEFI update reports Photonics.

“Intel Seamless Update” is a feature that Intel has been working on for some time, and recently the company introduced the code changes in the Linux kernel needed to make this work.

In other words, launching Windows is a bit advanced, but the feature is likely to be there as well.

Lowest possible downtime

Updating the BIOS or UEFI on the motherboard through the operating system has been a popular feature for many years already, although it can still be said that the implementation is a bit patchy for many motherboard manufacturers. Anyway, a system restart is required to activate the updates, and it may take a few minutes.

This is exactly the short downtime that Intel now wants to bring to life.

Although it is short, it can be expensive. Data centers and other large customers benefit from as little downtime as possible, and a system that provides nearly 100 percent uptime will be a requirement for many customers and a major competitive advantage for service providers.

It’s uncertain if AMD is working on a similar feature, but as far as Intel and AMD are following each other’s evolution, it seems natural to assume that they are also planning something similar – at least for their Epyc-based systems.

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