iPad plans revealed until 2027?

iPad plans revealed until 2027?

ET News claims to have leaked Apple’s plans for the iPad many years into the future.

iPad Air 12.9″ not until 2026?

Even if they don’t know all the details, because it’s just about the panel sizes and OLED launches associated with it, but that’s also one of the most important things.

Let’s jump right into the sizes of iPads launching in 2024 through 2027:

  • 2024: As previously rumored – 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro with OLED and ProMotion
  • 2026: New iPad mini with a larger 8.7-inch screen with OLED panel technology – increasing the screen from 8.3 inches
  • 2026: 10.9-inch iPad Air with OLED
  • 2027: 12.9-inch iPad Air with OLED

Waiting is almost unreasonably long with the larger iPad Air

Note that the iPad Air will of course be upgraded before 2026, but not with OLED. If the iPad mini doesn’t get a larger screen or OLED until 2026, don’t expect more than better performance, perhaps next year. The iPad mini with the current design and screen size was launched in September 2021.

It’s also interesting that Apple wants to sell a larger iPad Air, but not before 2027. It’s not a good idea to say why, or whether Apple is choosing to wait too long with a larger iPad Air — it’s probably because the company is waiting for OLED panels to become cheaper and to be able to combine the panel technology with a thinner display. design.

There are also revelations about the MacBook Pro and Air from the same source:

  • 2025: MacBook Pro 16-inch – OLED
  • 2026: 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air – OLED
  • 2026: MacBook Pro 14-inch – OLED
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