Is it safe to shop in Timo?

Is it safe to shop in Timo?

Many warn about the online store on TikTok. Is shopping from Timo safe?


Many videos about Temu made their way to victory on TikTok. I started clean TransfersTransfersA video in which the user shows and discusses recently purchased products or items.But now the videos have taken on a different character at the same time.

“I thought I'd give a little warning to those of you who have shopped at Timo's,” he begins. One of several videos He saw VG.

In videos spread on TikTok, there is a warning against saving card information in the application, for fear that the information will be sold on it.

VG contacted Temu directly and asked them how to secure the card information users share.

Temu will be transparent

Temu requires a certain amount of information from its customers to be able to provide the service and send them the products they ordered and paid for, explains Michael Falk to VG.

He is a public relations and communications consultant at the Swedish company TIMOS Public relations agencyPublic relations agencyA company that improves and maintains the good reputation of its customers, often through the media.Acta Public Relations.

Timo tries to be like that transparenttransparentBe frank and honest and do not hide information. As much as possible, and otherwise collect as little data as possible, according to Falk.

She reported this All data that Temu is requested to collect can be read at the bottom of this page.

Is it safe to shop in Timo?

– Shopping at Timo is safe, says Timo himself, via public relations consultant Michael Falk.

Temu never sells customer information, nor does it receive card information from transactions made through PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and similar services, Falk confirms to VG.

Falk also says that users on Temu can return products within 90 days for a refund.

In Timos Privacy StatementPrivacy StatementThis is a statement explaining how a company or organization collects, uses, discloses and manages customer or client data. It says that all card information you share is stored directly by Temus Payment processorsPayment processorsCompanies that process payments for stores and ensure that money is transferred from the customer to the store.. However, they are clear that there are security risks to storing card information with them, just as there are with all other online services.

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Consumer Council warns

As for VG, the Consumer Council says Timo is a fairly new acquaintance. So far, they have received seven inquiries about the site.

Consumer lawyer at the Consumer Council, Nora Weinberg Gloersen, warns that products from such sites may be illegal in Norway, because they are not produced according to Norwegian requirements. This is especially true of electronics.

Consumer attorney Nora Weinberg Gloersen.

– If you are in doubt about whether you should shop at Temu, you can search for the store on Trustpilot or similar to read other consumers' experiences. If an online store is acting recklessly, there are usually warnings, consumer advocates say.

Payment provider Nets also recommends checking Trustpilot before shopping somewhere for the first time.

On Trustpilot, Temu received a score of 3.3. In comparison, Ebay has 1.3, Aliexpress has 2.5, and Wish has 4.5.

VG has been in contact with banks to see if they are aware of suspicious card transactions in relation to shopping at Temu.

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Nordea states that, to their knowledge, they have not encountered any cases of fraud or other issues related to Temu. DNB does not want to comment on individual players, but says they are constantly working to prevent fraud.


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