How to repair damaged buttons on the floor

How to repair damaged buttons on the floor

The studs and rivets under the sole of the shoe are designed to penetrate as deeply as possible into the surface. It is good to go out on slippery roads. Inside, he’s just creating problems.

No floor can withstand nails

– Even ceramic tiles cannot withstand nails and screws. And if you walk with nails on such floors, it becomes dangerously slippery. No other floor can handle sharp nails. Those who wear places like this indoors are destroying the floor, Christian Oren of the Information Office of Color and Interior (IFI) says in a press release.

The office is the organization of interests for the flooring industry in Norway.

stomping in

This is exactly what is happening these days. People across the country step on parquet, wood, rubber, vinyl or linoleum floors in malls, doctor’s offices, hairdressers, shops and other public places on a daily basis, regardless of the damage they cause to the surface.
Shop and building owners must repair and replace large areas of flooring every year. Nails are like nails. They make cracks and holes in the floor so that dirt and moisture penetrate and lead to discoloration. Oren says changing floors are expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Clients fear: There’s a female poet in Storgata in Lillehammer now. But the city’s shopkeepers fear customers who wear spikes and fountains under their shoes. Flooring destroys millions every year. This is a societal problem that we must solve, says Christian Oren of IFI. Photo: Christian Oren /

regular sabotage

The problem appears every winter. Desperate shopkeepers put up signs and put up mats hoping customers would take responsibility, but many don’t care.
– I think it should be forbidden to go with nails inside. Those who enter with the ripple must be held accountable and replace what they destroyed. This is outright vandalism to someone else’s property. He says I doubt they were wearing parquet studded shoes in their living room.

can be repaired

With New Year’s Eve party in mind, there may be many who have earned a degree in parquet after dancing with high heels.
Holes and cracks in the parquet must be repaired quickly. I recommend using cast wood. This is a plastic line that you can shape with your fingers. It comes in different colors that can be mixed. It is important that the wood is completely clean, so the varnish or oil must be removed first. Typical wood can be used for minor and major damage, says Audun Clausi at Alanor.

little drip

Shellac pins are another solution to completely restore the floor.
– First you heat a chisel with a stove, then you put the pin on the iron and drip the shellac into the crevice. You can also use a soldering iron to heat up the pin, says Klauseie.

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