Matuma performed Mini Tops at the Tour of Italy – E24

Matuma performed Mini Tops at the Tour of Italy - E24

Mini’s merchants, senior managers and operating directors are taking a long weekend to Sardinia, at the same time the chain is discussing savings. The artist Matuma was brought in as entertainment.

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“We stayed at the Forte Village Resort, and I can confirm DJ Matoma played Friday night,” Meny’s Director of Communications, Nina Horn Hynne, wrote in an email to E24.

Ahead of the weekend, E24 wrote about Meny management going on a trip to Italy, at the same time Meny chains are considering cuts as a result of higher electricity prices.

There were a total of 526 participants on the excursion that went to the Forte Village resort in Sardinia. Merchants, store managers, senior managers, operational managers, and many other companions were on the trip.

Horn Hen writes that the participants paid a discount and that the trip complies with IRS regulations.

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“We have reduced costs as much as possible due to difficult times,” Meny CEO Vegard Kjuus told E24 before the weekend.

At the gathering, which ran from Thursday to Sunday last week, was greeted by merchants, store managers and the Norwegian operating and management team DJ Matoma, who has been booked for the event for the occasion.

Matoma, or Tom Stræte Lagergren as he is actually called, is an internationally known DJ and music producer who gives concerts all over the world. He is also known as a judge and teacher on the TV show The Voice.

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Matuma is currently on a US tour and was scheduled to play in Charleston on September 4. Next party is in Brooklyn on September 15th.

E24 has been in contact with Matoma management, who confirm that the concert in Italy at the weekend was a company event. Additionally, All Things Live booking agent, Anita Halloy Weslov says:

– We do not comment on content agreements between artists and clients.

Does not answer the cost

Mini also booked its own charter flight that took the staff to Italy.

E24 was in contact with Vegard Kjuus prior to the weekend. In an email he wrote:

– We have worked for a long time with an alternative destination in Norway, but it turned out to be much more expensive. The flight is from Thursday afternoon to Sunday, and charter flights are chartered because they are much cheaper than regular flights. We also got good hotel rates, booked during Corona. We have reduced costs as much as possible due to difficult times. If we had started planning today, we wouldn’t have left.

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The Forte Village resort has several luxury hotels and villas in a “beautiful corner of Sardinia,” writes on its website:

“Visit about 50 hectares of beautiful parkland along a white sandy beach on the sunny southern coast of Sardinia, with a choice of five five-star hotels, three four-star hotels and 12 luxury villas with private pools.”

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LUXURY: Forte Village Resort is presented on the hotel website with these photos.

E24 asked Mina questions about the cost of the trip to Italy on the company, without getting an answer.

Forte Village Resort’s sales and marketing coordinator, Zedda Rafaella, wrote the following in an email to E24:

– Unfortunately, I have no information on this, as the event was organized by a third party. We just organized accommodation and activities at the resort.

– Sad for party cooperation

Ahead of the weekend, Christopher Beckham, the leader of the LO trade union, reacted strongly to the trip, calling it “tone-deaf”.

When he heard that Matuma played on the flight, he said:

– This is sad for the cooperation of the party in me. Store hosts now feel there’s talk of downsizing, and management is pushing themselves to go on trips with DJs. It is very unmusical.

Criticism: Christopher Beckham in Commerce and Office reacts to Minnie’s trip to Italy.

Communications Director Nina Horne Hein wrote in an email that she understands that people may interact with the Italian merchant pool and operating device.

– The timing of the trip was unfortunate, but the planning was done over several years and large portions of the costs were paid in advance, non-refundable for Mini, including DJ Matoma. You write, if we had started planning today, we wouldn’t have left.

– The process of reducing the number of employees did not start with me, but we began to freeze external recruitment in some areas in order to adapt to the normal shopping pattern after the epidemic, as well as take into account the large jumps in electricity costs, as Hein continues.

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Meny CEO Vegard Kjuus previously responded to questions about potential Meny downsizing in this way:

We hired more food workers during the pandemic, as we had, among other things, “borrowing turnover” from cross-border trade and the restaurant market. Now we have to adjust the staff to return to the normal shopping pattern and also take into account the increased costs, especially associated with the sharp jump in stores in electricity costs.

The list has self written That from March 2020 to March 2021, they employed 800 more than the previous year.

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