Evelyn Carlsen lifts the veil:

Evelyn Carlsen lifts the veil:

In the second TV series “Bloggers”, viewers have become more acquainted with the Skien girl Eveline Karlsen (30 years old) over the course of several seasons.

For those who have followed Karlsen for a while, you can see that she is by no means resting on her laurels, but she still has many projects to work on and is always on the move. Now reveal the recipe for success.

He bought his fourth home

– Now I’m in New York. It’s kind of a job, but any job is a secret at the moment. It must also be said that there is a bit of fun in flight as well. Fortunately, they’re easy to combine, Carlsen says.

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More home purchases

Although Karlsen is currently keeping new projects close to his chest, there are several things that have never been a secret.

- thought

– thought “fuck”

Those who follow the 30-year-old on Instagram have seen that she has bought, renovated and sold many apartments.

The influencer has earned good amounts of money from her YouTube makeup videos, collaborations, and projects. It also meant that she had enough salt in her porridge, and had the opportunity to invest in a number of properties.

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In 2020, she took the plunge and bought a plot of land in her hometown of Skien for NOK 1.9 million. A long housing dispute ensued, but in September last year I was able to announce that a state official had finally given permission to begin construction.

- It's not romantic

– It’s not romantic

In addition, the 30-year-old has an apartment in the city center of Skien that serves as an office, in addition to the house where she lives.

Now she has also started her own jewelry brand.

– The main reason I wanted to start a jewelry brand is because I myself am a big jewelry consumer. I wanted to make something that would last a while, and after all, jewelry is associated with pretty things. I have neither a husband nor children, so I have time to prioritize what I want, she says with a twinkle in her eye.

The happiness of the child of the spouses

Child happiness for the couple “Grenselsøst”

– No safety net

Although the 30-year-old speaks warmly about the project, she doesn’t hide the fact that she sometimes felt like a lump in her stomach.

– It’s scary to throw yourself into it like that. You don’t have a safety net. It’s time consuming, but useful, but I don’t think anything about assembly line products and those keen to make quick money on mass produced stuff. Then I want to do it myself, and make sure there is quality at all stages.

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– What is most surprising?

– There are insane costs associated with it and it’s a huge amount of work. There is a whole mechanism behind it that many people don’t think about, and it needs to be preserved. Is she also weak in some way? I myself have chosen to invest in long-term plans, and if things go wrong, it will affect me personally, Carlsen admits, before adding:

– Everything I do is a reflection of me. Then it costs a lot of money to throw yourself into it – in every way. But then again, the gain from that is insanely large hence it’s worth it.

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