Updated versions of ID.4 and ID.5

Updated versions of ID.4 and ID.5
Volkswagen has acquired the popular ID.4 and ID.5, which, among other things, should give a boost when it comes to charging and range.  (Photos: Volkswagen)
Volkswagen has acquired the popular ID.4 and ID.5, which, among other things, should give a boost when it comes to charging and range. (Photos: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen now runs upgraded versions of both the ID.4 and ID.5.

Updated versions of popular cars like the Hyundai Kona and Audi Q4 e-tron are currently in the works, and Volkswagen doesn’t intend to be any worse. So they are paving the way for upgraded versions of both the ID.4 and ID.5.

Although the cars are getting important updates, they also have the same promotional price as the ID.4 and ID.5 today. Moreover, upgraded GTX versions are also included in the campaign, as Volkswagen Norg can mention.

– Already desirable models will become even more attractive with upcoming improvements, says Wiebke Neumann, Sales Director for Volkswagen Norway at Harald A. Mueller.

– We’re talking about substantial improvements, and we’re very pleased to be able to integrate the new ID.4 and ID.5 into our strong anniversary campaign.

There is now a very tough battle for Norwegian electric car customers, and at the top, Volkswagen Norway points to the fact that the brand has been around in this country for 75 years. It is celebrated, among other things, by the anniversary campaign for the ID.4 and ID.5, which also includes all-wheel drive GTX versions.

Since the new versions are still a short distance away, Volkswagen doesn’t have any WLTP numbers ready, but the Germans say the cars should offer faster charging capability, more powerful performance and a longer range.

And yes, the possibility of pre-heating the battery and a new entertainment system with a larger screen as part of the standard equipment that also includes the all-new voice control assistant IDA.

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So Norwegian Volkswagen says customers can order the car based on the same price terms already available on the models.

– The new ID.4 and ID.5 can be ordered at today’s price as long as the campaign continues, so we’re really looking forward to being able to offer customers a better version of an already competitive model, says Newman.

– When we open orders before type approval is available, and all values ​​are official, we solve this problem by having customers sign a separate document next to the contract. Retailers can then share some fairly accurate indicators, so that customers are well informed before ordering.

Now the ID.4 and ID.5 don’t get quite the same improvements, but the importer says the upgrades, in essence, open up the possibility of higher-voltage battery pre-heating, increased power, higher torque, and increased charging speed with fast charging – and thus increased range.

The cars are also delivered with the new software version 4.0.

Finally, they state that production of the new ID.4 and ID.5 will begin soon, and the first cars will arrive in the country towards the end of the year.

The picture above is of the ID.4 GTX card, and here you have one of the ID.5 GTX card:

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