Tesla Model Y – Could Be Cheaper

Tesla Model Y - Could Be Cheaper

Currently, there is a lot of talk about electric cars becoming more expensive. From the new year, a value-added tax will be introduced on electric cars that cost more than 500,000 NOK, and delivery problems due to the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine are leading to a hot second-hand market.

new battery

Reports now, however Reuters That Tesla has new batteries in the works, which could make production cars much cheaper.

According to the experts they spoke to, for example, the cost of a Tesla Model Y battery could be reduced by about NOK 55,000 at today’s price.

This new battery has larger cells and will be manufactured with a new production process.

This is an important link when Tesla aims to sell 20 million cars a year by 2030.

According to experts, production must be increased before the effect is seen. They think you’ll be able to start seeing results from this within the year or early next year.

Tesla has not commented on this issue.

cheap model

If you’re looking for an affordable Tesla Model Y right now, we recently announced you’ll be getting one soon. Cheaper version with engine and rear-wheel drive in Norway.

This could be delivered from January onwards, according to Tesla.

The car starts at 520,000 NOK and therefore ends up being above the VAT limit. So there will be an additional cost of 5,000 NOK.

If you want a Tesla Model Y all-wheel drive, you should avoid choosing the wrong color if you want it ASAP. This is produced in the brand’s factory in Germany and they can only deliver colors black and white.

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If you want it in a different color, get it from China, and that could happen from March next year at the earliest.

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