Marcus, Martinus, Michael Olistad and Nils Fram – VG

Marcus, Martinus, Michael Olistad and Nils Fram - VG
No more two drops of water: much easier to separate the twins when one dyes their hair bright red. Then it was just a matter of remembering which of them Marcus was.

Attempts from Odd Nordstoga’s perspective – and the absence of perspective from John Legend are also in the collection this week.


Marcus & Martinus – “Wicked Game”

VG dice show 3 points

Dealing with Chris Isaac’s signature song has become a constant exercise Both are local And the international “Idol”-registration. (even included original singer) Last few years The Swedish album “Maskorama” winners got a taste of the cover song And he throws himself at him with decent dedication, in the version of “Alone Behind the Piano with Lots of Compassion”. way too much actually. Perhaps inspired by producer Olle Tidblom’s past as a keyboardist in the dance group “Blender”. Especially when you add a new twist to the boy band at the end of the chorus. But they sing really well after that.

Lewis Capaldi – “Forget Me”

VG dice show 3 points

The heartbreaking “Someone You Loved” is the song of the decade, and it has long become one of those breakout songs that Don’t listen to the textPeople want each other at weddings. “Forget Me” is a smoother adult pop song which with another singer was not very interesting. Capaldi’s Joe Cocker’s gentle roar behind the microphone gives you all the prerequisites for success anyway. Although the title is the most accurate thing here.

Birch – “Atopos”

VG dice show 4 points

Bjørk’s first taste on his tenth album shares the name with a carnivorous snail. Perhaps that’s why it also sounds like clips of “human behaviour” mixed with the clarinet and the long drum machine. Inspiringly aggressive, angry and chaotic. When the clarinet starts playing the same percussion layer as percussion manager DJ Kasimyn, “Atopos” takes a new turn that is organic and electronic, without it being. of course not.

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The Focus: Michelle Olistad is set to become the most focused in glamorous pop music this fall.

John Legend – Wonder Woman

VG dice show 3 points

Awesome accompaniments Dap King and Curtis Mayfield are credited with writing songs as Legend performs Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson nod a la “To All the Girls I’ve Loved”. (which is actually an Albert Hammond original) Anyway: This song will take charge of “Clooney” as the groom’s song in no time. It’s just to be afraid. Or say no to the next wedding invitation.

Michel Olistad – “Maria”

VG dice showing 5 points

Michel Olistad’s path in the music industry is as inspiring as her ability to imitate Bergen’s pop world. Here you more or less take on the legacy of Hjerteslag (no matter where you stand on the name issue) and serve up a sad intellectual wrinkle for Smihs with the same potentially cheery chorus as the song “Song to Sonja.”

Nils Fram – “In Brief”

VG dice showing 6 points

Nils Fram is among those unique among us who treat contemporary music and club floors imperceptibly. His second single from an upcoming album is longer than most of Spellemann’s nominated albums in the Soul and Hiphop categories. Great song title and atmosphere meant to be for those who prefer standing outside in the woods and listening to the leaves.

Outside Nature: Björk becomes an integral part of nature in this year’s first single cover

Kygo, Gryfffin and Calum Scott – “Woke Up in Love”

VG dice show 4 points

A joyful new frieze of the sunny coast of Bergen. Collaborating with good man Callum Scott and the Harry Potter-like Griffin did nothing new to impress. But she is very sweet. Also: According to the Bergen press, Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll is currently happily in love. Whether this song title has anything to do with it, and Kygo has always released a diary, let someone else speculate.

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Thea Wang – “I wrote you letters”

VG dice showing 5 points

The third woman warming up from Bergen in the week on the Aurora European Tour is Marthy Wang’s sister (not “little brother”) and looks in many ways like Stina Nordenstam before she discovered the Synth. Her lively style in both song structures and vocals makes the entire debut album equal parts noticeable, calming, and unique. While this song is about something as old as lettering, it’s very modern in its quiet stillness

Odd Nordstoga – “Yesterday”

VG dice show 3 points

It was well-intentioned when Odd Nordstoga attempts to create a frozen and artistic moment in time around February 24, 2022, the day Russia invaded Ukraine. Like Olaf H. Pop-oriented Haug with guitar, looking for the big in the small. The arrangement is a fairly extensive ’80s production of radio, including obligatory solos of melancholic guitar. “I går”, unfortunately, is also a song that in every sense becomes oddly awkward and hopelessly preoccupied with its own ending rhymes. For example, “food” rhymes with “green salad” and “heavy cloud” rhymes with “fighter plane.” And they are not even the worst.

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