Finnmarksløpet and Hundekjørerforbundet demand resignation of management after animal welfare dispute – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Finnmarksløpet and Hundekjørerforbundet demand resignation of management after animal welfare dispute – NRK Troms and Finnmark

– They couldn’t follow their own rules, Johnson says.

In recent weeks the Norwegian dog-walking community has run rampant and shamed.

The background to this is that seven dog handlers filed a complaint against Thomas Warner, who won this year’s Finnmark race.

Warner denied all allegations that he drove with lame dogs. He was released By the approval committee of the Norwegian Huntejørerforbund. The panel downplayed allegations of inappropriate behavior from Warner and his assistant.

But the release did not quell criticism.

Instead, says Peter Johnson, it confirms that the sport’s key leaders do not take animal welfare seriously.

– I think the people in both Finnmarksløpet and Hundekjørerforbundet should take their hats and go, says Johnson to NRK.

Runners Finnmarkslopeet 1200 km 2022.

Thomas Warner was acquitted unanimously of all charges, but that didn’t quiet the dog walking community.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK

It will be taken locally

Nicolas Rogne was one of seven dog walkers who supported the complaint. He believes the debate then turned against Thomas Warner personally.

The complaint notes that judges and veterinarians were present but did not intervene against the lame dogs.

Therefore, it is to a large extent Finnmarksløpet, says Rogne, Hundekjørerforbundet, which later lost the case.

– I never wanted to take this to the press or the media. I think this can be solved internally, which is what we tried first. But Rogne says we’ll get nowhere by taking it domestically.

Johnson says that both the association and Finmarkslobet trained for the cases raised.

– Three and a half months have passed and we have received no response from the sanctions committee before NRK filed a lawsuit against the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s report, says Johnson.

A report by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (ref Here) express the same concern as the dog runners: that there don’t seem to be any effective leaders in the race. Make clear decisions when a dog appears to be limping.

Nicolas Rogne

Niklas Rogne from the start at this year’s Finnmark race. It is not known if he intends to participate next year.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms / NRK


Peter Johnson believes that the same people who complained were used as witnesses that everything was in order.

Complaining dog breeders attached seven videos as evidence. But the fact that vets and judges were present to evaluate the dogs indicated no violations, the sanctions committee writes.

At the same time, the Chief Veterinarian admitted that there were lame dogs at one of the checkpoints. Interview with Hello Musher.

Then, three veterinarians analyzed the seven videos. One of them was on behalf of dog walkers who complained, and two were written by V.G A detailed case of controversy.

The three vets come to the conclusion that there were lame dogs that needed to be eliminated from the race.

Johnson believes the Finnmarksløpet management is responding to criticism in an evasive manner. on its website.

– they push a vague set of terms in front of them. The answer can be explained as follows. For the participants, the regulations are good and easy to understand.

Rex and Rocky

Dogs are at risk because animal welfare regulations are not followed, says dog walker Niklas Rogne.

Photo: Knut-Swerr Horn, NRK

A representative of the dog walkers’ association took the conversation too far It implies that we are the ones warning against violations of animal welfare regulations, which are now in the process of destroying the game. There’s serious reluctance to clean it up, clearly, Johnson says.

– What do you think will happen?

– What should have happened is that someone who is apparently incompetent or uninterested in following their own rules, or adapting to the new times, has to take their hat and go.

Johnson wouldn’t name who he thinks should go out.

Nicolas Rogne believes changes are needed in management.

– The game is coming and coming, but I don’t know if the surrounding apparatus is ready for it.

General Manager of Finnmarksløpet Birgit Kristine Haugland

Birgit Haugland at Finnmarksløpet is not satisfied with receiving criticism, but says they are good at correcting the errors pointed out.

Photo: Hanne Bernhardsen Nordvåg / NRK

– We have to improve ourselves

Birgit Haagland is the General Manager of Finmarkslobet. In an email to NRK, he comments on the report as follows:

“We have a lot of confidence in our officers. Of course, we are not satisfied when we receive an order from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The goal is always to get a thumbs up on everything. With the good cooperation of the NHF and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, we will develop what they ask of us within the set deadline.”

Frode Flathagen, president of the Norwegian Dog Drivers’ Association, responded that he did not want to comment on the administration in the association or in the media at Finnmarksløpet.

Flathagen says that more complaints should be handled. He insists the union has kept seven complaints anonymous and that there are others who have shared documents with the media.

NHF takes its work with animal welfare very seriously, writes Flathagen. He points out that They have drawn up new rules for long-distance dog races, which will now go to consultation.

Cancerous tumor

Dog handlers who complained about Wærner turned much of the environment against them. They trusted the elder Robert Chorley Waged a smear campaign Against Warner.

A prominent figure in the community referred to them as a cancerous tumor.

Comment on Facebook: It's sad to see that some of the games are like cancerous tumors.
Description: Facsimile from Facebook

– I didn’t let it scare me. Although people call us cancerous tumors and one another. I care very little about that. But Johnson says the well-being of going on a run is significantly lower.

Rokne and Johnson both believe there is discrimination against runners in this year’s Finnmark run and are unsure if they will participate next year.

It will cost me NOK 100,000, says Johnson.

– Then I should know that I am competing on the same terms as everyone else. I didn’t do that this year.

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