Isabelle Raad

Isabelle Raad

inActress Isabelle Raad (29 years old) sold her apartment in Oslo, and at the end of September she will move to Dubai.

– I’m a little tensed. He’s been away from me for so long, but now he’s really getting close. At the same time, I think I was also nervous when I left my friends and everything I knew, and moved from Stavanger to Oslo. But I’ve never looked back – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, she tells KK.

– Obviously, there is a slight difference between Oslo and Dubai, but I think it will be good. Then I have my mother with me, then. Not full time, she will be traveling back and forth quite a bit, but I have a separate room for her so she will be there more often. I could not do without it.

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There is no dog in the moving load

Many may also be wondering what Isabelle will do with her little dog. She explains that he will live permanently with her sister in Gesheim.

– He’s lived there most of the time since this summer, when I was very busy filming the new series, “Oslo Girls”. Then it’s hard to have a dog in tow. My sister loves him and he loves her more than me, and says he always laughs a little.

– You go hiking with him in the woods every day, and he has much more freedom there than he does in the city center, so he’s having his best days. Dubai may have become too hot for him.

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- I probably won't be very popular when I say this

– I probably won’t be very popular when I say this

Undeserved criticism

– Dubai is being criticized for, among other things, the bad view of women – what do you think about that?

– I understand that people react. At the same time, I know that the city has evolved a lot compared to what it was just a few years ago. I’ve been traveling there a lot in the past seven years, and every year I see a very big difference. “I feel like they don’t get credit for the work that’s been done, which is a bit sad,” says Isabelle.

She goes on to say that the situation is not as bad as many people think and that as a woman she feels very safe when she is there.

– At the same time, it is a bit difficult for me to talk about it, since I have Arab roots and I personally belong to that culture. But I dress the same and act the same way I do back home in Norway – nothing is different.

“I sat there – a middle-aged father of four with streaks of gray in his hair – and read Isabel Raad’s life story.”

This is why she chose Dubai

Dubai was chosen precisely because she knows the place well. She has friends and family there, and she speaks the language.

– I feel at home there. What’s more, it’s a very warm and nice environment – which is of course important when creating social media content. I get very inspired when I’m out there, so I’ll work a lot.

You will still be part of Oslo because of work.

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There are direct flights that only take seven hours, so even though I’m afraid to leave my family and friends, I don’t disappear forever, she says.

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