The report that Boris Johnson misled Parliament was approved by a large majority

The report that Boris Johnson misled Parliament was approved by a large majority

The verdict on Boris Johnson is overwhelming. However, he would cause problems for his party for a long time to come.

Rishi Sunak was Boris Johnson’s finance minister. Now the two are sworn enemies.

last: Late Monday night, the report that Boris Johnson misled Parliament was approved by a large majority in the British House of Commons. 354 deputies voted in favor, and only seven voted against.

Many of Boris Johnson’s supporters boycotted the vote by not being present during the vote. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was also absent from the vote.

Boris Johnson is not a man who bluffs his way out of a room. When he resigned from parliament a week ago, the doors melted. He made sure that there would be no peace in the Conservative Party any time soon.

For Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, it sounded like a threat when Johnson said he would stand down “for the time being”, meaning he might consider a comeback.

With the help of a Swedish colleague

Sunak is left with the dishes after Johnson. There is a lot to clean up. Parliament on Monday debated the report, which concluded Johnson had lied to elected MPs.

There was never any doubt that the majority would agree with the report. Uncertainty was how many Tories would vote against or abstain from voting.

Throughout the weekend, Sunak was asked what he wanted to do. refused to answer. On Monday, he received help from fellow Swede Ulf Kristersson, who came to visit him.

Thus, your age was correct maturity.

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Many of his colleagues in government suggested that Monday’s meeting was inappropriate. This way they don’t have to show their opinion of Johnson’s behaviour.

no acceptance

Because Johnson has resigned, Parliament cannot expel him for the proposed 90 days. The only punishment they can still give him is to strip him of the entry pass that all previous MPs get.

It’s humiliation. And that could make life more difficult for Johnson, whether he wants to lobby or seek re-election.

Honorable little

When a British Prime Minister resigns, he or she can provide a list of people who deserve to be awarded the Medal or Decoration. The so-called honor roll goes to a Senate committee for final approval.

Johnson’s list caused an unusual amount of noise. According to many Media reports He suggested honoring his father, Stanley Johnson. The name has been removed.

There is more noise about former employees being photographed or filmed partying during the pandemic, in violation of quarantine rules.

awaiting retirement

Johnson’s father and some others were crossed off the list. Johnson accuses Rishi Sunak. The prime minister claimed he had sent the list to the Senate without comment.

One person who does not accept this interpretation is Nadine Dorries, Johnson’s culture secretary. She has always been one of Johnson’s staunchest advocates. When he resigned from Parliament on 9 June, she soon followed suit.

But then she heard that she would never have a peerage title. She then announced that she would not be resigning immediately.

She first wants an answer from Sunak about why she was crossed off the list. Doris imagined that she would continue as a politician with a permanent seat in the House of Lords.

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Nadine Dorries was Johnson’s Minister of Culture. She is still considered a loyal supporter of the former prime minister.

In the British press, there is speculation as to whether Doris will resign to help his old boss Johnson. She comes from a constituency that usually has a strong conservative majority.

While polls indicated Johnson would lose in his old constituency, he may stand a chance in a more conservative district.

Johnson still has political friends who will come to his defense. He gets most of the credit for the Conservatives’ electoral slide in 2019. Then the party managed to drive strong cracks in the “red wall in the north”. For many decades, the Labor Party dominated the ancient industrial towns of northern England.

Many representatives of these cities know they can thank Johnson for allowing them to move to London.

Shortly before the parliament meeting on Monday, he announced The Independent New poll. Johnson appears to be more popular than Sunak among those who voted Conservative in 2019.

Perhaps the right thing to say is that Johnson is less well known. Fourteen percent of those voters said Johnson did a good job, and only 7 percent said Sunak is doing a good job now.

When pollsters asked all voters about the two, 61 per cent said Johnson had been a bad prime minister. Sunak comes out better, with 42 percent thinking it does poorly.

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