Iselin Guttormsen about the construction process: – He had a mental breakdown

Iselin Guttormsen about the construction process: - He had a mental breakdown

Earlier this year, influencers and sexologists could Iselin Guttormsen (35 years old) has revealed that she has bought a new home.

The home purchase came just a few months after finding out that Guttormsen and roommate Tom Sørensen They decide to go their separate ways. The family of four had earlier lived together in Uros in the municipality of Askar.

More than half a year ago, the construction of the house of the 35-year-old began. Admittedly, it didn’t go quite smoothly. The influencer tells Dagbladet that the operation affected her mentally.

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– so frustrated

It’s now been eight months since the reality file was supposed to be in its new location.

A mother of two says that not having a residence permit means she is currently living in a suitcase.

– It was too messy for me. She explains to Dagbladet: I’ve been living in a suitcase for about a year, living a little in a hotel, with mom and dad, here and there and a little with friends, and every two weeks in my old house with the kids. .

Not having a place to call home, she says, is a huge stress for Guttormsen and the children.

– It was very frustrating, she says, and elaborates:

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– Obviously when you have to pack your bag every week as if you were going on vacation for a week and washing the house. I have to clean my house so it looks good when my ex-boyfriend gets there. Then the house cleaning that happens after you rent the cabin, happens every week back and forth.

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Especially that Gutturmsen’s participation in Shall We Dance: All Stars presented logistical challenges.

– You have to pack shoes for different dance styles, training clothes, work clothes for podcasts, press releases, clothes for this and that. You can put three lives in a suitcase in a week, says Guttormsen, so my car was full of boxes.

She has things in both new and old homes, in stores, in the car and at her parents’ house.

– So when I go away, I don’t have a home where I can get dressed and come back again. It is eternal chaos and tremendous pressure.

Bank problem

Guttormsen says it was not easy for her to get a loan, and she admits in a recent Instagram story that the bank refused her several times.

The reality file tells Dagbladet that she explained to the bank that there had been a breakup and that she needed a loan for a new home.

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– Then it was just ‘you don’t get as many loans as you need and need’. The industry here (influencer industry, is probably a relatively new industry for the old men at the top, says Guttormsin, who ended up changing the banks.

What are the things you include in bank meetings? I’m single, I have kids, a car. She explains that there are many factors that make it more difficult to get a suitable loan, but she adds that she is happy that it worked.

– It will give kids a nice time before Christmas

Guttormsen can say she’s been promised to move in by July, August, September and October – and now in a couple of days. However, the most important thing for the 35-year-old is to be in place by December 1.

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– I would like to give my kids a nice time before Christmas. Now I only see them every two weeks at Christmas this year. I like to be at home decorating and organizing a little bit, so it’s a little on fire.

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She asserts, however, that she knows all parties are doing everything they can to get her home, but she:

Unfortunately, I will be the one to be hurt.

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