Stefan Strandberg, Morten B | Stefan Strandberg needs Vålerenga more than he does Vålerenga

Stefan Strandberg, Morten B |  Stefan Strandberg needs Vålerenga more than he does Vålerenga

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1 week ago The transfer window opens, and Vålerenga is in increasingly better shape, now number eight on the table. With Evan Nassberg on his way to Greece, the hole he left in the middle of the defense is where Dag-Eilev Fagermo wants to fill.

So Vålerenga needs a central defender, but not at any cost.

This is where national team stopper Stefan Strandberg plays.

Stefan Strandberg is Free on the market, but comes with the request of the VIF owner, Tor Olav Trøim not willing to pay. So far, the requirement for the stopper of the national team to put pen to paper is of such a magnitude that no Norwegian club will be able to afford, there is talk of ten million kroner in the “signature fee”.

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A month ago, Strandberg’s salary demands could have been seen as a starting point for negotiations, especially after Norway’s good matches in the Nations League.

Where we are now, six weeks into his last football match, is losing steam with each passing day.

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Norway international next match You will play against Slovenia on September 24th. If Stefan Strandberg is going to start it, he has to find a club ASAP. There is still potential outside of course, but with each passing day the possibility becomes less and less.

In Europe, the transfer window has been open since July 1.

Stefan Strandberg is still training for himself.

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Morten B

Morten Pedersen from Valeringa, east of Oslo. I worked as a freelancer at Arbeiderbladet during school. To Dagbladet in 1986. Two stints as correspondent for Dagbladet in London. The online newspaper from 2021. Editor and publisher of The Football Magazine – 4-4-3 Gatelagmagasinet.

In this perspective Would you say Stefan Strandberg needs Vålerenga more than he does Vålerenga. Losers of chance Vålerenga has decided to prioritize goal (the attacker) in the next transfer window. Strandberg desperately needs a club to play for.

So far, he has not played football since Norway beat Sweden 3-2 in Olival on June 12.

If anyone counts those days, it’s national team coach Stoll Solbakken.

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As were the Bosman players Stefan Strandberg had good cards on his hands when his people started talking to alternative clubs two months ago. What his representatives did not seem to have was courage.

We’re talking about not a young player, one that can be resold as a sort of promotion.

Today, Stefan Strandberg turns 32 (!), has a history of injuries and is looking for a final contract.

Sources say so There have been conversations/contact with Vålerenga at least twice, most recently not too long ago. The distance between the two parties is still very large. In terms of injury, there is a limit to how much Tor Olaf Trom is willing to stretch.

Looking at Vålerenga’s history in terms of similar engagements, it’s understandable.

Remember Toure Andre Flo, Ron Lang, and Mohamed El Abdalawi (Moa).

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They were all big, expensive deals, which invigorated optimism and was fun for a while.

When the record of damage they brought was all they had to contribute, it became costly.

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This will VÅLEERENGA No wonder you get better with Stefan Strandberg as defender, manager and whip. The question is: for how long. His back will always be a point of uncertainty. It also has its price.

If you’re weighing against someone who can shoot the ball into the goal, it’s therefore easy to see the club’s priorities.

Vålerenga’s next signing can’t just cost money.

It should also taste.

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For three rounds of the series Since then, several people have announced the departure of Dag-Eilev Fagermo and that he is about to be expelled from Vålerenga. Since then, the team has played steadily better and won three games in a row for the first time since Tromsø (3-0), Bran (2-0) and Lestrom (1-0) were defeated in August/September 2018.

Dag-Eilev Fagermo is not going anywhere, and Vålerenga is just looking for the table.

Although Stefan Strandberg would be a booster, he’s not the one they desperately need.

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