Israel, Palestine | Veronica (33) left Israel – giving UT a soft layer

Israel, Palestine |  Veronica (33) left Israel – giving UT a soft layer

While Spain and many other countries are evacuating their citizens via military planes, the Foreign Ministry’s advice to Norwegians in Israel and Palestine is clear: They must leave the country themselves.

This has drawn harsh criticism from many, including Bjarte Ystebø, who is in Israel with 190 Norwegians. They have been trying to leave the war-torn country for two days and are heading towards Norway on Tuesday evening.

Even 33-year-old Veronika Mjadveid, who has been stuck in Jerusalem for a long time, has not taken kindly to criticism of the Foreign Ministry’s handling.

– We expected them to give at least some advice on how to leave the country. “We know many people from other countries, all of whom are receiving help to leave Israel,” he told NRK’s ​​Daxnit 18 studio.

– Totally hopeless

She has now visited Israel and Turkey.

– It feels unreal. We have had little sleep and have been scared for days now, says Mjåtveit.

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State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry Andreas Motzfeld Kravik (AP) was also in the studio.

The ministry has set up crisis staff and continues to work to advise Norwegian residents in both Israel and Palestine, he said.

The latest figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicate that there are 510 Norwegian nationals in Israel and 78 in Palestine. 190 Norwegians are expected to land in Gardermon on Tuesday evening, before leaving Israel on Tuesday afternoon.

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– It is very important to register that everyone in the area is ready to travel. “We are in constant contact with citizens in the region,” Gravik said.

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Mjåtveit disagrees.

– We have not received any response. It’s easy to say they’re doing something, but there’s no response. It has become completely hopeless.

Continuously evaluates changes

– We receive many inquiries per hour and take this very seriously, Kravik answered before the host Español interrupted.

– Is it appropriate to extract Norwegian citizens?

– For the time being, we have worked with what we consider to be the best alternative: commercial flights are still operating, Kravik responds and adds:

– We have to consider everything going forward. We don’t rule anything out, but right now we consider it the best option to pursue in terms of business traffic.

– Will there not be a change based on the way the Ministry of External Affairs handles this?

– Not yet, no, an encouraging message from the Secretary of State.

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