The U.S. Navy tests aircraft carriers with an artificial earthquake

D.He was a USS Gerald R. Ford’s most expensive warship in the world – and apparently worth the money: During one test, a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier revealed an explosion equivalent to a magnitude 3.9 earthquake.

Video footage shows Friday in the Atlantic, 170 kilometers off the coast of Florida. With explosion, a pressure wave propagates in the form of a loop. A large fountain of water follows. USS Gerald R. Ford did not escape this attempt.

According to an official announcement, the U.S. Navy is launching so-called “First Full Ship Shock Tests” (FSSST) on new ships to check safety for warships. However, USS Gerald R. The next explosion for Ford was its first test flight on an aircraft carrier since 1987.

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USS Gerald R. Ford is installing a new type of aircraft carrier, and for $ 13 billion, it is the most expensive warship in the world. The ship was commissioned in 2008 and put into active service in 2017. The aircraft carrier is 333 meters long, with a displacement of 90,000 tons, space for 4,500 people and more than 75 aircraft. The ship was built by former US President Gerald R. Named after Ford.

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