Want a princess in Madrid?

Are you looking for a princess in Madrid?
The photo should show Latifa in Spain

“Best European Vacation with Latifa” – This comment is linked to a photo of a missing princess from Dubai. Her author, Zionist Taylor, posted it on Instagram. The alleged snapshot will not offer any relief to their supporters.

Suspicious photo of Princess Latifa missing at Madrid airport has sparked new speculation about her fate. The photo, posted on Instagram, is said to show 35-year-old Sheka on the page of author Zionist Taylor. The terminal of the Madrid airport should be visible in the background. “Great European holiday with Latifa. We’re having fun exploring!” Taylor wrote about the photo with a smiling face. Both will wear masks. There is no independent confirmation that Latifa can actually be seen in the photo.

Latifa is the Emir of Dubai and the daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. After her attempt to escape in 2018, Latifa was reportedly detained and forcibly returned to Dubai, human rights activists said. In the video messages, the princess said she was being held in a prison-like villa. However, the Dubai ruling family said Latifa would be taken care of by his family and medical staff.

Their supporters say that if Latifa actually flies to Spain, it will be a positive development. You obviously have a passport so you can travel and enjoy more freedom, he said Free Latifa campaign In London with. However, these freedoms are not yet guaranteed. In an extraordinary move, the campaign also announced that it was currently suspending its operations to fight for Latifa’s independence. The spokesman did not comment on the details. Latifa’s older sister was abducted from Cambridge and taken to Dubai in 2000.

A British court has charged Sheikh Mohammed with abducting his two daughters and threatening his wife during a divorce proceedings. Among other things, the UN. The Office of Human Rights requested a meeting with Latifa – in vain. Independent human rights reporters have warned that Latifa will be “detained from contact with the outside world” and that this could have “harmful physical and emotional consequences”.

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