IT company will be listed – E24

IT company will be listed – E24

Aker once again smells the IPO of the US IT company Cognite. – Artificial intelligence is underestimated in the long run, says Aker CEO Øyvind Eriksen.

Øyvind Eriksen of Aker believes in generative AI,
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– When the computer was launched, Steve Jobs called it a bicycle for humanity.

Oyvind Eriksen, managing director of the Aker Group, told E24.

By comparison, today’s versions of generative AI are probably like the steam engine to industry.

generative Amnesty International Amnesty International AI stands for “artificial intelligence”, which in Norwegian becomes “artificial intelligence”. This is a field in computer science that is concerned with creating machines and software that have the ability to perceive, learn, reason, make plans, solve problems, and adapt to new situations.It is a technology that generates a completely new algorithm, such as ChatGPT. It can be used to create new content, such as audio, emoticons, images, text, simulations, or videos.

– The steam engine changed industry and the world, and I believe that generative artificial intelligence can do the same for industrial development in the future, Eriksen continues.

On Tuesday morning, Al-Aker presented the accounting figures for the second quarter. Here it turns out that the company experienced a slight decrease in Modified property rightsModified property rightsAdjusted equity value is a company’s net worth, calculated by taking assets and subtracting total liabilities, including debts and other liabilities. This value gives an indication of the financial strength of the investment firm. from the first quarter.

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When is it considered correct?

In a conversation with E24, the head of Aker talked about the great potential in generative AI. Aker will list artificial intelligence and technology company Cognite, most likely in the US.

Cognite’s owners are Aker, investment firms Accel and TCV. In addition, Saudi oil company Aramco bought shares in the Aker Group earlier this year.

– At Cognite, we have co-owners who all agree that the goal is to list the exchange in the long term, says Eriksen.

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Eriksen would not comment on a specific time for a possible listing.

The timing of this will depend on developments in the company and in the market as a whole. It will be listed on the stock exchange when it is deemed appropriate.

Aker is Kjell Inge Røkke’s investment company and manages ownership in, among others, Aker BP, Aker Solutions, Aker Horizons and Aker BioMarine.

Artificial intelligence wave practically

Today, the Aker Group is testing AI technology in several companies in the portfolio.

– Artificial intelligence for industry is in beta, and today we are testing the technology at, among others, Aker BP, Aker Solutions and Aker BioMarine, says Aker CEO.

– This is in collaboration with leading players such as Microsoft, Accenture and Cognite.

He notes that Aker BP, which together with Equinor owns the Yggdrasil field, is using new software tools, and artificial intelligence is an important part of the projects.

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Aker’s CEO explains that important areas where Aker has to test AI technology could be energy supply, energy conversion, digitization, nutrition, and health.

These are long-term megatrends that we have positioned ourselves over time and that we believe will continue. He then says that new technology and software are key investment areas in conjunction with artificial intelligence.

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