Police are warning dog owners after sausages were found to contain razor blades. – NRK Westland

Police are warning dog owners after sausages were found to contain razor blades.  – NRK Westland

On Monday afternoon, police received a complaint from a concerned dog owner who noticed sausages full of razor blades at the hiking area Stevica in Kerrgarten, Askøy, outside Bergen.

Janne Kjellvoll Midtbø’s son found the sausage pieces while walking the family’s dogs in the neighborhood.

– He called us and was very upset, Midbo says.

He saw a dog eating something. Then he found pieces of sausage lying there, which he thought was strange. He took one and pulled out a razor.

The family went straight to the vet and on the way they called the police.

– When police arrived at the scene, they found several pieces of sausage along with razor blades and a razor blade lying on the floor. In addition, they found grapes, chocolate, butter and onions lying on the trail, says Mitbo.

Chocolate and grapes are especially dangerous for dogs to consume.

– It was done in a very malicious way. In doing so they hurt the animals. He says that it is not only dogs that are spoiled, wild animals can also consume it.

It was B.A He was the first to mention the case.

– This is something that only you read

According to Midtbø, this is a route mostly used only by local gray islanders. A hiking trail is a cross between two roads over a field.

— Branches were laid over the entrance of the passage there. I think the people who did it were the ones who didn’t want us to go there, says Midbo.

– I have never experienced anything like that. This will happen elsewhere, only you will read.

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He made a post on a Facebook group for the local community called Kjerkartstavla. Someone commented that grapes had been found in the same location before.

– It’s a safe and quiet Kjergården. You don’t imagine that happening here, says the dog owner.

Fortunately, the Kjellvoll Midtbø family’s dogs were fine, but now she and the police are asking dog owners in the area to be careful.

Covered by branches

– Station manager Atle Heradstveit at the Askoi police station tells NRK that the sausages must be outside the field and hidden by branches and so on.

Police Chief Atle Heradstveit.

Photo: Sissel Rikheim / NRK

Police are now out and about and alerting dog owners who roam the area.

– Now the most important thing for us is that people are aware of this when they go walking in the area with their dogs. Atle Heradstveit at the police station in Askøy says that if a dog ingests it, it can cause serious damage.

No suspects yet

The police have registered a case and said that they are taking the incident seriously.

– It’s clearly about a person who doesn’t like dogs roaming around in the area, Herradstvedt says.

Sausages with razor blades on Askøy outside Bergen

Sausages with razor blades should be out of the field and hidden by branches.

Photo: Police

So far, there are no suspects in the case, but the police have made a report and started investigations.

– I want to know what’s going on. Is it safe to go there and can they catch the people who did it, says Jan Kjellvol Midbo. The status of the victim in this case is now available to him.

Heradstveit has never experienced similar events.

Earlier this year, NRK wrote about hikers who found nails in sausage slices at a popular hiking area in Sarpsborg.

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