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“Independence Day” is here – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) has eliminated almost all corona activities in the UK, and he is in a state of isolation because his health minister has a corona.

“We’m taking a big step to open up, and it’s very right.

▶ ︎ Invited: As of today, there are no mask requirements or distance rules in the UK. In addition, discos are allowed to reopen, and theaters and stadiums can occupy all space. The recommendation to work from home is also canceled. Exceptions apply in London, where the need for the mask lies in local transport.

Easing in Great Britain is highly controversial considering the wide delta variation. The opposition accuses the government of being ruthless, and scientists fear another big corona wave.

On Saturday alone, 48,161 new infections were reported in Great Britain – the last of which was in early January. The incidence (in the last seven days per 100,000 population) is 465. For comparison: at the beginning of May – before the Delta race through Great Britain – the event was still 20.

However: the new corona wave is much safer from winter than the last big one. While about 30,000 patients were hospitalized at the height of the winter wave in mid-January, there are currently about 3,000. This means that the rate of hospitalization is ten times lower. With 14 deaths per day, the current death rate is a hundred times lower than it was in mid-January (approximately 1,400 deaths per day).

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Despite the massive new infections, significantly fewer people have to go to the hospital or die because 87 per cent of people in Great Britain have been vaccinated at least once – 68 per cent have already received a second injection.

Vaccinated Health Minister Infected

A few days before his positive test, Health Minister Javid met with Prime Minister Johnson on Downing Street – both now isolatedPhoto: Peter Nichols / REUTERS

However, even a single vaccine did not protect UK Health Minister Sajid Javed, 51. Javed tested positive for Corona on Saturday, but says he has only mild symptoms.

Since then, Prime Minister Johnson has stepped aside to isolate his country garden in Checkers. “Take the next step with wisdom and respect for others and with the risks that this disease can still cause,” Johnson warned in his video message.

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